You can now always disable conversations on WhatsApp on iOS and Android

You can now always disable conversations on WhatsApp on iOS and Android

WhatsApp for Android and iOS recently gets some useful features, Including the upcoming Face Unlock support for Android now Neo’s statements An option to disable chat notifications for more than 1 year will soon be available to WhatsApp users as well. Previously, WhatsApp had an option to disable notifications in specific chats, but the longest disable period was one year. Now, after updating the app, users can always disable a conversation and it will not automatically shut down. This is helpful for some people who want to disable the conversation and should not disable it after the selected time period.

To disable chat or conversation, you can long-press on the chat, then select the Disable icon and select “Always”. The new feature works for both private chats and group chats.

Both Android and iOS users are set to get his feature. Additionally, WhatsApp users can also benefit by right-clicking on the query chat and selecting “Disable notifications”.

To get this latest update for your Android phone or iPhone, you need to download the latest version of WhatsApp Google Play Store Or from App Store.

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