Daniel Jones Trips and Falls. So do the Giants.

Daniel Jones Trips and Falls.  So do the Giants.

This is an unforgettable season for the Giants. But a win over Washington’s football team last week gave the team its first win, and Thursday’s game against the Eagles in Philadelphia created a kind of electrification moment, giving them hope to renew a season. Almost, anyway.

Following on the Eagles’ 10-7 lead in the third quarter to start a run in his 12-yard line-up, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones faked a handball and rolled to the right. Fake fooled the Eagles’ defense, with nothing but green grass in front of him when Jones banged. So he ran fast during the day.

20, 30, 40, 50, 40 யார Yards rolled without any guard. Jones was on his way to give the Giants a lead and to provide endless performances and viral clips and a signature play that will be endlessly replayed in the minds of Giants fans eager for a better memory from this year onwards.

And Jones was flying. At the age of 43, he hit 21.23 miles per hour, According to NextGen statistics, The fastest pace of a quarterback in the last three seasons. When Jones came in at 35, it was clear he was going to score.

Then, as at last, it became clear that he was not.

Jones tried to roll in front of 8, but the late Eagle touched him and finished the play. In the end, Jones got 80 yards, the Very long run by a quarterback Since 2015. But he needed 88 to get the score, and the way the play ended – a player ran for free and then fell, untouched and unchallenged – ensured it had a long lifespan, not in the video galleries of glory, but in shame.

In a matter of minutes, the competitors put on weight.

“I tried to run faster than I could run, and I got stuck,” Jones told reporters after the game.

Glass-is-half-filled Giants fans will point out that the team scored four plays to take the lead after Jones fell. But some will remember it. (Congratulations, Wayne Coleman: Your 1-yard run is now a great frivolous answer.)

The Giants ’biggest problem was that they threw with an 11-point lead with five minutes left and lost the game, falling 22-21, 1-5. Next Monday, Tom Brady and Buchanan come to town. Lollipop fans and Twitter quipsters will be waiting.

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