Covid-19 Watch: Iowa Hockey among Purdue Boiler makers

Covid-19 Watch: Iowa Hockey among Purdue Boiler makers

This post will be updated as more information becomes available as the release of Big Ten COVID-19 numbers is imminent.

Prior to the news release, Jeff Brom shared some news during his Zoom call this afternoon:

This news is rumored by many coaches (up to four) Burdock boiler makers Positive test for COVID-19.

In addition:

Strictly speaking, here, there is a strong possibility that these are not related to COVID-19. Kirkferents similarly cheated in sharing Iowa Hockey’s injury report with the same news, officially, unpublished Jack Campbell Physical illness. (Rumor has it not a corona virus)

But if you play this with 5 Boiler makers With COVID-19 Plus 4 coaches, it actually comes down to the “team” and “population” mentioned above. If you have less than 100 players (assuming 5 positive player tests) and less than 120 people in Burdock’s population (assuming 9 positive “population” tests), get ready for your first match of the Big Ten season.

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