It was an exciting start to camping for Madison Bumkorn

It was an exciting start to camping for Madison Bumkorn

Madison Bumkarner knows this very well: like CC Sabathia, he has to extend his skills for a few years by overtaking opposing hitters.

The first trip to the 2021 spring camp was very positive compared to the season of grief he experienced last year.

By 2020, Bumkarner was no longer a shadow for himself, and his opponents used the opportunity to jump with narrow arms at his offerings.

Honesty, the senior will need it badly, who will face the Dodgers and Patrice again and again in the West of the Nation.

On Thursday, Bumkorner hit six of the seven Angels hitters he faced in the strikes.

Not only are the training camp and team lists with many players who have not played in the Majors this season, but the senior left-handed player feels better.

Do not trust him to allow such a successful life to cover a few negative months.

Everyone knows that Bumkarner dropped his teammates in 2020, and he will do anything to prevent such a disaster from happening again this season.

The 31-year-old admits this and admits that he is not mentally and physically ready to deal with the short term 2020.

The only thing I wanted to do differently last year was maintain a steady pace, he said.

He is in the second year of his five-year contract with Diamondbacks. This season, he will receive 19 million, which will increase to 23 million in the next two seasons, which will drop to 14 million in 2024.

This season, Bumcorner is expected to share the bench with Jack Callan, Caleb Smith, Luke Weaver and Meryl Kelly.

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