Birmingham in Tier 2: Recent Local Locking Rules

Birmingham in Tier 2: Recent Local Locking Rules

Can I travel in locking areas?

Don’t try to share a car with people outside your home or community bubble. If you need to, the government advises you:

Share traffic with the same people each time. Keep small groups at any time Open windows for ventilation and travel on the side or back rather than facing others. Face away from each other. Consider seat arrangements to increase the distance between occupants of the vehicle. Clean your car between trips using standard cleaning products – you clean door handles and other areas where people can start. Ask the driver and passengers to wear a face mask.

Can I see my family in one of the locking areas?

If you are in a tier 2, or high alert, area, you will not encounter other homes in any interior setting. However, you can meet other houses outside and in private gardens.

People living in tier 3 locking zones should not meet anyone outside their home or support the bubble in any indoor or outdoor setting, home or public place. The “Six Rule” applies to open spaces such as parks and beaches

Should I shield?

Millions of people protected during the first lockout will not be told to stay home at this time because health officials have acknowledged that the policy is “harmful” and that “left people are imprisoned”.

But more than 2 million people who are considered “medically vulnerable” will be told to take practical steps to reduce their exposure to the virus – such as meeting others outside if possible.

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