The Champions League offers a fresh start, but some guarantees for Barcelona

The Champions League offers a fresh start, but some guarantees for Barcelona

MADRID, Oct 19, 2020 (AFP) – Gerard Pique has called for top-down changes, but 65 days have passed since Bayern Munich’s humiliation and Barcelona’s recovery.

Despite Big saying no one should be safe, there are eight people on the team that started the humiliation in Lisbon.

The president of the club, Joseph Maria Bartomeu, is still there, despite more than 16,000 members signing a petition to release him.

Luis Suarez was sacked, eventually replaced by Atletico Madrid, and Ronald Koeman was appointed coach to replace Quick Chettian, one of the most important changes of the revolutionary summer.

But Komen will never be an encounter that wins the players instantly, while Suarez’s exit saw Lionel Messi, another opportunity taken to criticize Bartomeu and the team.

“It’s normal for a player to feel a little sad when he leaves his friends years later, but it’s part of football,” Coman said.

Messi said that Barcelona were not good enough to win the Champions League last season, and he proved right, with Bayer’s hands 8-2 humble, soon revealing the gap in the class between the champions and one team. Went to the quarterfinals only once since 2015.

As Barca begin to go back against Hungary’s Ferencvaros on Tuesday, there is very little to indicate that they are better off this time around.

Their biggest summer signing, Miralem Bijanic, is the result of an economic move aimed at balancing the books, and it is questionable whether he will make significant progress on Arthur Melo, who went the other way for Juventus.

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‘Trying to change team’

Petrie, who signed from Los Palmas in a deal agreed last year, was one of the brightest sparks in Barca’s opening months, with the attacking midfielder most impressed with Getafe’s 1-0 defeat on Saturday.

But he, like 17- and 20-year-old Francisco Trinco, is not expected to replace the team now.

Ajax’s latest arrival is Sergino Test 19, however one can expect him to continue to feature regularly to fill the void on the right.

“The club is trying to change the team,” Koman said. “There are very young players who get opportunities.”

Barcelona could not buy Inter Milan’s Lutario Martinez or Memphis Dep லn in Lyon, leaving Gomez with a squad was not something he wanted or planned for.

Yet Barca has his job somehow to compete with the European elite again.

He will have the task of creating this gap not only for Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain, but also for Liverpool, who have joined Manchester City and one of Barcelona’s youth teams, Diego Alcondara, who spent மில்லியன் 160 million on the transfer window. Now the best midfield playmaker in the world.

At all times, Messi’s uncertain future will continue, with each disappointment increasing his chance to speak with other clubs in January.

Some may criticize Messi’s performance since trying to leave the summer, but a penalty he received in Barcelona’s four opening matches this season is certainly not Argentina’s top form.

The best chance for him to stay would have been a change of president if Koman had left and the Dutch had left.

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Bartomeu is set to face a no-confidence vote in the next few weeks following a successful petition submitted by club members, meaning the stability of the club’s president, coach and captain is still in the air.

Two-and-a-half months after the loss to Bayer, a new Champions League gives Barcelona hope, but few guarantees.

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