The Union says Australia Post issues extend past luxury watches

The Union says Australia Post issues extend past luxury watches

The union, which represents postal workers, says the full leadership of the Australia Post should be scrutinized, arguing that chief executive Christine Holgate could be the victim of a luxury watch trial.

The Australia Post has announced that Ms Holgate will step aside The federal government is investigating the provision of $ 3,000 Cartier watches to four senior employees.

Liberal Senator James Patterson called on Ms Holgate to “read the room and go now,” but Greg Rainer, national secretary of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union of Australia (CEPU), refused.

“I would be comfortable if he stood aside and was relieved of his duties,” Mr Rainer said.

“But I don’t think it’s Christine Holgate, and I’m got a little pity for Christine, and she can be set on all of this.”

Mr Rainer argued that the federal government had ignored broader issues in the Australia Post, including increased pressure on postal workers, and suggested that the entire board should step aside while the investigation was ongoing.

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Christine Holgate, chief executive of the Australia Post, says she can’t remember how the watches were purchased.

‘Fully Cooperate’ Board

In a statement, Lucio de Bartholomew, head of the Australia Post, said the committee and management would “fully co-operate” with the investigation, which will be carried out by the finance and communications departments with the help of an external law firm.

“We are committed to delivering to our key partners – our people, our post office partners, our customers and the community,” he said.

“Christine Holgate, the group’s chief executive and managing director, will step aside during the trial. At this point, CEO Rodney Boys will be acting in this role.”

The inquiry is expected to examine the role of committee members and report to the cabinet within four weeks.

Shadow Communications Minister Michael Roland has called on the federal government to make the findings public.

“We have to have faith in this process, we have to have confidence in these findings and it is in the hands of the government to give that confidence,” he said.

“How can the Australian people have faith in this process if these findings have not been made public?”

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