American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Review: Night Two of the Semi-Finals

American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Review: Night Two of the Semi-Finals

Blindfolded, the American Ninja Warrior semifinal is over! We know this season will be a short, sweet eight episodes, and they fly positively. The night of the semifinals brought back the last syllabus of the two ninjas. They were treated to a ride.

Corksru, the winner of the Season 11 Barrier Design Challenge, finished eighth in the hurdle, which was once again a challenge. In the end, the six ninjas reached the bus including Naji Richardson in an incredible display of physical and mental perseverance. But the night was not without its shocks. Read on to find out who is coming to the finals and who ended the season!

Of course

  • Shrinking steps
  • Spring Forward
  • Clock
  • Burn the rubber
  • Slingshot
  • Warp wall
  • Salmon ladder
  • Corkscrew
  • The Dungeon
  • Spider trap

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Here is a list of runs over obstacles.

  • Vertale Benson:
    The former Army doctor received his first pass in qualifying. After being restrained in spring forward and watch work, Verdale hesitated in front of the burn rubber and took his time in the slingshot. He escaped from the first twist of the corkscrew, but did not jump towards the second pin.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Thomas Stills:
    After an emotionally qualified run for the buzzer, he was in Corksrue.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Dawn Police:
    Chicago area firefighter Brandon Myers, his friend, represented both Towers of Power after leaving the qualifiers. Don Burn threw the rubber and made a ride on the slingshot. But after a quick wave to Matt and Akbar from the warp wall, he was in the back half. With his tall frame, Corkscrew actually surrounded him, but he survived. In The Dungeon, Dan is locked in the panel, but nothing is left after that.
    Result: Out on the Dungeon
  • Meegan Martin:
    Megan shared the exciting news that she is now engaged to her two-year-old boyfriend, Dave! She seemed strong in the spring forward, but took a belly failure in the burn rubber, which pushed her into the landing pad, and then into the water.
    Result: Burn rubber out
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Elizabeth Morris / NBC

  • Alex Carson:
    After getting his first buzz in qualifying, he finished his season in the slingshot.
    Result: Out of the slingshot
  • David Wright:
    Cake Ninja led his team to victory in the first round. Sophomore competitor seemed to love these obstacles and laughed the whole time. He took a very solid run for The Dungeon.
    Result: Out on the Dungeon
  • Aamir Malik:
    At the age of eight, Aamir discovered that he had a heart condition, which sent him to heart block, and you would never have guessed that he needed surgery. After skipping the game for a long time, Aamir finds and falls in love with the ninja. He is a natural. He completed his qualifying course and won through this semifinal course. Matt tried to tell him he was fighting in the slingshot, but Aamir didn’t even have time to finish his sentence before he left. He spun through the corkscrew. Without breaking a sweat, he finished The Dungeon and looked at the spider web. Here, he finally seemed a bit inexperienced. Aamir had trouble setting his feet on the slope to open the doors, but he saw it. That is, until one slip of the last door keeps reaching that buzzer. But his teammates immediately cheered him on.
    Result: Outside the spider trap
  • Taylor Johnson:
    4’11 “Ninja watches are not in the works.
    Result: Not in the clockwork
  • Sean Bryan:
    His shoulder injury didn’t seem to be an issue this season. Sean had time for himself in the course, keeping an eye on the top time. Suddenly, he came out of the slingshot.
    Result: Out of the slingshot
  • Naji Richardson:
    Naji represented Ninjas for Black Lives, which has personal meaning to him. We joined him because he handled the slingshot neatly. He seemed to enjoy this flow. After the salmon traveled upside down the ladder, Naji turned the corkscrew into his pet. In The Dungeon, Naji began to get tired of traveling to the final group, which made a difference. When he leaned over and covered the air and asked for his inhaler (Naji has asthma) we were suddenly so scared of him. Michael Torres brought it to him, and we all held our breath as Naji took a breath. Then, he marched on the spider web and brought this thing home!
    Result: Completeness
  • Jessica Helmer:
    After falling in the first hurdle in the qualifying round, his teammate R.J. He renewed his season by winning at the Roman Power Tower. This time, he worked clockwise on it.
    Result: Not in the clockwork
  • Joshua Lewis:
    Joshua was renewed by Joe Moravsky. He did it in Corksrue.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Will Schlejter:
    He tried to run the curriculum when he was 14 and his dad tried it in his place. After falling over Beehive in the qualifier, team captain Joe Moravsky was able to bring him back. Imagine growing up watching the show, someone like Joe being your savior in your worst year?!? Things seemed pompous to Will on Slingshot, but he changed it in the back half. Unfortunately, he was out in the first moments of Corkscrew.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Lorraine Ball:
    The first of the OG ninjas fell on the burn rubber.
    Result: Burn rubber out
  • Brian Gretch:
    Next up was Brian, who provoked Burn Rubber, but was subdued by Corksrow.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • David Campbell:
    David things went the same way. After storing in the burn rubber, Corkscrew turned him over.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Lance Becks:
    We got a little emotional watching Lance help his wife Heather, who has an MS, and are riding a horse with their seven-year-old daughter Crazy. Each season, we are reminded of how bound this family is in times of uncertainty. We hope he goes far beyond the season, but he’s one of the ninjas inspired by the amazing technical burn rubber.
    Result: Burn rubber out
  • Alex Ghee:
    After hitting a deserving buzzer, he came out on a slingshot.
    Result: Out of the slingshot
  • Diana Weberly:
    We certainly screamed in frustration when Diana, who earned her first pass, fell the third hurdle.
    Result: Not in the clockwork
  • Maddie Howard:
    Similarly, Maddie has moved all of her after completing the qualifying course. We thought she had the first half of the lesson because Meghan Martin and Jesse Graf cheered her on. But the burn rubber hit back.
    Result: Burn rubber out
  • Take Harrington:
    19-year-old Rookie was knocked down by Spring Forward, but came out on a slingshot.
    Result: Out of the slingshot

Elizabeth Morris / NBC

  • Jerry de Aurelio:
    Jerry was definitely smiling, especially after escaping the burn rubber. She hadn’t passed it slingshot, but she was one of the first two women in the final!
    Result: Out of the slingshot
  • Michael Torres:
    After a very busy time during epidemics, including his own virtual marriage, Michael had a great season. Michael did not waste time as his new wife Sarah was watching from home. He immersed himself in the curriculum and expelled The Dungeon. Did he have enough energy for the spider trap? He seemed to be slipping into points, but Michael refused to give up and battled with the final doors, reaching his second bus of the year.
    Result: Completeness
  • Ben Melick:
    R.J. The second member of the Roman team was in watch work.
    Result: Not in the clockwork
  • R.J. Roman:
    R.J. After a hairy moment on The Dungeon, he shot to the buzzer for the fastest time of the year.
    Result: Completeness
  • Devin Harrelson:
    After struggling several times with the fifth hurdle of the lesson, Devin hoped to break the streak. He blocked his way through the burn rubber and crossed the slingshot, finally getting a taste of the backside. Corkscrew got him.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Austin Gray:
    The three-time veteran runs energetically through the curriculum, creating a new great time.
    Result: Completeness
  • Lucas Reel:
    Then, on an interesting show, Lucas hit the buzzer with even faster time!
    Result: Completeness
  • Jesse Graf:
    After completing her qualifying course for her fifth career pass, everyone wanted to see Jesse in the extended curriculum. Completing the 10-barrier course has been her goal for many years. We wanted this to happen. After passing the burn rubber, Jesse was admitted to the finals by the Women’s Leaderboard. It is fair to say that no one doubted her ability to finish the first half of the lesson, and she did it. But, then, Corksrow happened. Jesse has been dealing with shoulder issues and we hope he is not excited about this hurdle. She escaped from the first drop, got stuck in the second, and hit the water trying to reach the third pin. In an extended course in the finals, at least, she will have another shot.
    Result: Out on Corkscrew
  • Joe Morawski:
    Joe loves it this season. He beat the mega wall and won the Power Tower in a qualifying match. For this semifinal, he never took his feet off the gas. He avoided going up the salmon ladder as there was not even a single interruption in the front of the course. This course has nothing to do with Joe, it is via Corksrow and The Dungeon. At the bottom of the Spider Trap, Joe had the shortest 30 seconds if he wanted the fastest time. Is that even possible? That’s it if you are Joe. He locked in less than a second. Also, Akbar should cool it down with “Daddy Boat” comments. Oho is undoubtedly in top form.
    Result: Completeness

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