Melbourne Cafe charges extra for Don Andrews supporters

Melbourne Cafe charges extra for Don Andrews supporters

A Melbourne cafe has introduced a controversial surcharge to target individuals lecturing small businesses on corona virus controls.

Frances Madeleine, co-owner of Arcoper in Murabin, says it adds $ 1 to coffee orders for those who think Dan Andrews is doing a good job as Victoria’s prime minister.

“Customers come every day and lecture us on how lucky we are to be open,” France said. 7 News.

“They ask us, ‘Aren’t you grateful?’ The answer is no.

“The first thought in the morning and the last thought at night is about being locked up. This does not lead to healthy mockery; This is evil. “

Cafe wrote a sign: “Do you support Don? Add $ 1 to your order.”

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Mr Madeleine said the extra charge was like a jar of truth for those who thought they could lecture after paying for a $ 3 coffee.

He insists that this identity is not politically motivated and that money will be shared among employees if people actually pay.

Retailers and Seven employers in Australia’s largest companies They have begged Mr Andrews to allow the Victorians to return to work, which should “urgently” kickstart the state’s economy.

Mr Andrews said retail and hospitality businesses could reopen if they had a COVID-safe plan from Nov. 1, but could present it if case numbers were low.

Hospitality places Will be allowed Open inside with a maximum of 20 people and up to 50 people outside.

But business leaders said now was the time to reopen offices starting in offices and small businesses.

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Victoria has recorded three new ones COVID-19 The government has confirmed another day without cases or deaths in the last 24 hours.

These figures bring Melbourne’s 14-day average to 6.2 cases, while regional Victoria’s rolling average is 0.4 cases.

There have been 10 corona virus cases with no known evidence in the last two weeks.

The average rolling average for all of Victoria is now 6.6 cases.

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