Google agrees that your voice assistant may be able to hear your speech without your permission

Google agrees that your voice assistant may be able to hear your speech without your permission

During a meeting with the Government of India, Google executives released a compromise statement. The voice assistant will be able to hear you even if you have clearly stated your disapproval.

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This is a fear that has been expressed in public opinion for many years now. The Government of India is concerned about the new developments put forward by the US company in relation to its voice assistant. Google representatives gave more voice than expected. Products fitted with a smart assistant can ask their users even when they refuse such terms. This is the first time the company has publicly recognized this element.

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This means that when stopped, all connected products and smartphones can listen to your speech against your will. According to information published by India Today, Google officials were questioned by a government agency in the country. They agreed that the new function of the voice assistant included some elements such as that the product in question is being asked without being asked. The worst thing is that your smart speaker can even record snacks of conversations.

It is common knowledge that American company engineers have access to a few anonymous conversations. On the other hand, this is the first time the practice has been accepted without the magic word “OK Google”. Managers interviewed testify that listening refers to everyday conversations, but not important content. As for how the company views content as “sensitive”, the mystery remains unsolved. Mountain View has always justified this awareness with its desire to enhance its voice assistant for everyday life.

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In light of these revelations, privacy infringement can be clearly established by the Government of India. The final report issued by the Commission must be adjudicated in this case before approving the company.

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