‘Glow’ cast asks Netflix to improve show diversity before cancellation

'Glow' cast asks Netflix to improve show diversity before cancellation

Shine Star Sunita Mani has shared a letter she sent to Netflix asking them to improve the show’s diversity and inclusion before the show is canceled.

The actor, who starred as Aarti Premkumar in the Netflix series for three seasons, and why he and five other actors like Cidelle Noel, Britney Young, Shakira Barrera, Kia Stevens and Ellen Wong, the color characters of the show often reinforced some racial stereotypes.

Shine Marketed as a diverse group, but with all of us different cast members, it never lived up to these ideals, ”Mani wrote in the letter.

“Since Season 1, the show has planted a racial stereotype to our character’s existence, but your storylines are either marginalized in dealing with this conflict or feel like check boxes on a list.”

The letter continued: “Unfortunately, we feel that the promise of this show has not been fulfilled. There is incredible support, love and friendship Shine The cast should go without saying that we are not here to take off our white cast or our show, but to elevate all of us in a deep, significant way. ”

He also addressed the lack of content in this letter Shine The writer’s room, which explains how it harms the stories of colored characters.

“Since there are zero people in the writer’s room this season, writing our stories without anyone other than us is a huge oversight,” Mani wrote.

The actor also explained that the response was positive before Netflix was canceled Shine Before Season 4.

“Our show creators and producers asked us,” the letter said. “They were in the process of reflecting on some of the computer issues we outlined in Season 4.

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“I was too scared to talk to my bosses about these things. I respect that. I think I’m very smart, but I ‘m deeply supported by my fellow actors.”

Mani continued: “It’s a big deal – creating space for change – it’s a testament to the love and support that, without any twist of fate, our shows were sown by the creators and sprouted from the whole cast.”

Seasons 1-3 Shine Are now streaming on Netflix.

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