Cowboys’ Zach Martin goes out with a concussion in Week 6 of the war against the Cardinals

Cowboys' Zach Martin goes out with a concussion in Week 6 of the war against the Cardinals

This is the last thing the Dallas Cowboys can buy now. Perpetual All-Pro right-hander Zach Martin is now worried as he has already lost La Ll Collins and Tyrone Smith for this season – due to hip and neck surgery respectively. Collins has not played even once in all seasons, and Smith lost just before the 5th week, with Martin remaining the only one-time Dallas attacking line left as an all-rounder. He would get a quick rating in the shoulder stinger midway in the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals, but returned to the field missing a scene.

After a while, he went down in a run game and finally left the field under his own power, but with the help of the Cowboys medical staff. His return was listed as questionable, but missed the rest of the first half and has now been ruled out by the team to start in the third quarter.

It’s not clear if Martin is being overestimated for the same shoulder stinger, he took a blow to the head, but this is definitely something to watch out for going forward.

He will be replaced by second-year talent Connor McGovern, who is dropping another talent in the trenches after Andy Dalton struggled in his first start following an injury at the end of the season for Doug Prescott last week. Now in his seventh NFL season, the former first-round pick has missed only two regular season games in his entire career.

MegaGovern was basically a redshirt for the Cowboys, who spent the entire season on injury reserve. The former second-round pick struggled to get off the field in 2020 because he was both trying to get back into football form from injury, but underwent a training shift at Mike McCarthy – the former Ben wants to see more from the state stand alone before feeding him more time. As Martin goes to the locker room, MegaGovern will get more photos than the Cowboys want against the Cardinals, replacing a perennial Pro Bowler and the NFL.

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