Zero new local COVID cases, up to 30 are allowed to be collected

Zero new local COVID cases, up to 30 are allowed to be collected

The rule of four square meters between the indoor tables, and the rule of two square meters outside still applies.

“This is good news and allows people to prepare for Christmas and their celebrations in the summer,” Ms. Perezglian said.

The maximum number of people allowed to gather outside for a barbecue tour has also been raised to 20 to 30 people since Friday, but meetings inside private homes still had 20 people.

Consider Premier-recommended people eating out at their Christmas lunch.

“I want families and friends to consider their Christmas lunches and other festive events … booked in a Govt safe environment,” Ms. Perezglian said.


“Health experts have advised us that it would be safer to go to a healthier restaurant or somewhere, which is much safer than eating your Christmas lunch at home in a confined space, and that is why everyone wants to think and plan their plans,” he said.

“We have to be very careful in our social distance, so except you [live] In the same home please maintain social distance, especially to protect the elderly and those most vulnerable. “

From December 1, weddings can be up to 300 people, as long as people are seated and organizers have a govt safe plan.

Since last Friday, corporate events at any hospitality venues can now have up to 300 people, subject to COVID-safe restrictions.

Businesses must use electronic means, such as QR codes, to keep track of contact details.

The “unmixed” rule still applies in all settings, groups must sit in restaurants, and 20-person hats are still in place at wedding dance-platforms.

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Satisfaction is still a concern, the prime minister said.

“I can feel more sober – people are coming back to normal life,” he said.

“Please know, none of us can have a normal life until the epidemic is over. But what we can do is make sure we maintain COVID protection and, subject to the rules, make sure we have a good time – free time – as much as possible.”

At 8pm on Sunday night, 6,952 tests were reported, up from 12,985 in the previous 24 hours. Test levels have dropped for six consecutive weeks, the latest monitoring report shows.

COVID-19 has been newly diagnosed in four of Sydney’s isolated hotels.

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Sand said he was still concerned that there were undetected chains in the state, especially in western and southwestern Sydney.

“If you have very few symptoms please come forward and get a test. This is very important. ”

“We can have more confidence in easing the restrictions if we achieve more or less the spread of the community, and everyone has a role to play,” he said.

There are still two active clusters with no known evidence, as well as a separate mystery case under investigation. Dr. Sand said that we can never identify the origin of these exchange chains.

Prime Minister Gladys Peregrine announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Gladys Peregrine announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.debt:Nick Moyer

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard says he is “a little confused” by Victoria’s reaction to the New Zealand visit from Sydney to Melbourne.

From Friday, travelers arriving in Sydney from New Zealand will be able to avoid hotel isolation.

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The federal government has confirmed that these visits will be allowed into other Australian states and territories.

But Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said his state was not part of the Trans-Tasman bubble, saying “something went wrong in Sydney” and that NZ passengers would have to fly to Melbourne as a result.

Mr Hazard said New Zealanders were allowed to travel from Sydney under the Trans-Tasman bubble arrangement, citing Victoria’s own health department website and Victoria’s own health department website.

“In our view, the NSW Health and the Border Force have done everything we were asked to do,” he said.

“NSW has always been known as the gateway to the rest of the world and the other gateway to Australia. So Victoria can solve their problems.”

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