NFL Week 6 Notes: Derrick Henry Why Rare RPs worth the Big Rupee Shows that patriots need training and many more

NFL Week 6 Notes: Derrick Henry Why Rare RPs worth the Big Rupee  Shows that patriots need training and many more

Not a bar on the running back. They must be changeable, more or less. You don’t even have to pay for the backs you actually run.

You’re not running back Derrick Henry.

I can easily count aside the number of running backs that I think are worth paying 10 million a year from the point of view of building a team. For what Henry is doing for the Titans and what he is doing to counter the opposition, he is at the top of the list.

It has never been more obvious than Sunday’s 42-36 overtime win against Houston, where Henry threw 212 yards in 22 innings and threw in 52 catches for two catches.

Henry has run over 100 yards for the 10th time in his last 14 games. Always a big setback, his 2019 renaissance coincided with the insertion of Ryan Danehill as the opening quarterback. Make no mistake: Danhill should be in your top-5 MVP rankings within six weeks.

But Henry, without question, is the most valuable member of the crime. Danhill can only function better from playing because the defense has no respect — no fear – Henry. At 6-feet -3 and nearly 250 pounds, Henry reached 21.62 MPH in his 94-yard touchdown run. This is the fourth fastest pace a ball carrier has reached this season, and it is equally impressive, humorous and terrifying.

It’s a wild week 6 Sunday and there’s a lot to go on. John Breach and Ryan Wilson team up with host Will Prinson on the Big Six podcast to break it all; Listen below and don’t forget to subscribe for daily NFL benefit.

Henry’s ability to get yards after contact was second to none of the active players. How he imposes his will against the defense has an overall effect that is unequal to his position. When it comes to team-based value in running behind, Alvin Camara is the only one on his level, in my humble opinion.

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The Titans organization and G.M. They talk about John Robinson, who was not allowed to play on the Henry license this season. I was expecting what they would do — apparently what I had done — as in 2020, Henry ran on the ground in 2020. I’m looking to see if he’s caught, come March 2021 and find out if I need to pick up.

But the Titans felt the value of Henry to the brass team. In this office they signed him to a four-year contract worth $ 50 million with a $ 25.5 million guarantee, which ran him behind the top three in terms of average annual salary.

The Titans Henry did exactly that. With Henry playing a key role in their 5-0 start, he is doing just fine with the team.

Shows the practical lack of patriots

The Patriots looked like an untrained team this week. They had excellent quarterback, coach and defense. Still Denver lost 18-12 at home. I think Tennessee spoiled us when they took care of the buffalo after a 12-day vacation on Tuesday, which is really how a team without training is supposed to be.

“Well, it was a big challenge,” Bill Belichic said after the game. “Playing without guys, hurting guys, spinning, some guys didn’t play much, didn’t train much. So we have to get on the field, we have to train, we have to develop some consistency as a team, but especially there.”

Also week 6 internal tips

  • It took me a long time, but I will say it: it’s time to stop calling the Chicago bears lucky. I did it for over a month, 1) it never mattered and 2) it was no longer true. The Bears have a safe quarterback game of 5-1 and elite defensive performance. That combination is the recipe for close games, but winning 83% of their games does not make them ‘lucky’.
  • I was tough on Philip Rivers, but he deserves it here. He destroyed a 21-0 second-quarter deficit and advanced to half-time 24-21. He took the lead for his Colts to start the fourth quarter, passing 371 yards. He won the Bengals, not the Seahawks, but I know 20 minutes into the game we will see Jacob Pricet sidelined soon.
  • Ron Rivera going twice to win the game against New York made all sense to me in the world. In my view, he has a substandard team led by a non-standard quarterback hanging in the game. In those cases, do not prolong the game. Try to finish it as soon as you can. You can do it with a play from the 2-yard line, the play does not work. Everyone can do a great thing about theatrical calling, of course, OK. But going there for success makes a lot of sense.
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