Goals and Highlights: Santos 1-1 in 2020 Pachuka Liga MX Guard 1 | 10/18/2020

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90 + 5 ‘

Game over!

90 + 2 ‘

உஸ்தாரி! The goalkeeper lineup of Pacquiao has and bears the title of Orandia.

90 ‘

Five minutes are added.

88 ‘

Eric Aguirre has been suspended for seeking medical attention.

85 ‘

The tie is there; At the last minute, the teams are constantly on duty.

78 ‘

New Movement of the Saints: Raல்l Rivero Jesus enters Osejo.

75 ‘

Low shot from Luis Chavez passing one side of the local goal.

74 ‘

Destination canceled! Victor Devila’s score was not considered a forward stand.

72 ‘

Santos makes his first two changes: Adrian Lozano and Carlos Orandia enter via Brian Cornica and Gail Sandoval.

65 ‘

Pucca’s Dual Movement: Roberto Nurse and Vector Devila enter via Roberto de la Rosa and Ismail Sosa.

57 ‘

Julio Furch’s corner shot Oscar Ustari stands on two shots.

54 ‘

Vector Guzman receives a block card.

45 ‘

The second part begins!

Santos is the goal!

Julio Forsch converts the penalty and balances the score.

45 + 3 ‘

Penalty for Santos! Miguel Herrera knocks Octavio Rivero into the area.

பச்சுகா இலக்கு!

Luis Chavez overtook Toussaint with a powerful shot from outside the area.

45 ‘

Three minutes are added.

40 ‘

Pachoka’s first movement: Christian Zosa enters through Romero Ibra.

38 ‘

Victor Guzman tries to surprise from a long distance, but Acevedo looks good and controls the shot without much difficulty.

34 ‘

Fernando gets Coryre’s yellow card and becomes the first cautious player in the game.

29 ‘

Now the competition has resumed. So far, both teams have been left to their own devices.

27 ‘

The meeting will be adjourned for one minute for restoration.

23 ‘

Another attempt by Santos, now with a shot from Van Rank, goes more than just a goal for Pachuka.

18 ‘

Hugo Rodriguez’s title goes towards the arrival goal.

8 ‘

After the first few minutes, no team was able to create risk or maintain possession.

Leaders of Pachuka

Leaders of Santos

Santos: Sequence

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, h. Rodriguez, M. Toria, A. Cervantes, b. Cornica, F. Coryaran, d. Andrade, G. Sandoval, J .; Forch (c) and r.

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Pachuka: Last row

O. Ustari; K. Alvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo, E. Aguirre, V. Guzman, L. Chavez, i. Sosa, V. Devila, r. De la Rosa et al. Sanchez.

Santos: Last row

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, h. Rodriguez, M. Toria, A. Cervantes, b. Cornica, F. Coryaran, d. Andrade, G. Sandoval, J .; Forch (c) and r.

Pachuka: Team News

Santos: Team News

To be continued

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