F.C. Barcelona vs Getafe decision and what we learned

F.C.  Barcelona vs Getafe decision and what we learned

On Saturday the Estadio Collegium will host Alfonso Perez, F.C. Barcelona face Getafe in La Liga. Here are the results, what happened and what we learned from the dive.

Big changes from Ronald Coman

The local press believed that Koman would never rest any players so far, but he did, and changed the formation.

Due to the injury of Jordi Alba, Sergino made his Test debut on the left side of any event. However in 2020/2021 there were also opening debuts for Usman Temple and Petrie 4-3-3.

An opening 10 minutes

Neither side had clear chances, but a couple of runs scored by Tempel and Messi got some promises, with the latter players twisting in and out.

Before the match starts to open

Getafe broke with Nemanja Maximovic, who held the position, but shot NATO straight in the 18th minute.

But then good work from Petrie, who found the test on the edge of the box, he began to come into himself. The American handed it to his captain, who triggered the woodwork with a trademark curling shot.

Three cards in 30 minutes

At the rate at which it happens on the normal side of things, a red card seemed like a gimmick at one point. For many, the hosts must have been nine men, as Alan Neom and Eric Cabaco were particularly involved in controversial incidents involving Messi, who broke his former elbow.

Antoine Griezmann attacked the bar

Tempel was criticized for a harsh first touch and foul in the previous interval, but the next time he scored for Messi he got it and saw the other Frenchman running towards the goal.

Unable to revive Barca’s tendency to open an account in 2019/2020, Chrissy has yet to make progress in this campaign.

All squares in half time

The positive is that it has nurtured Petrie’s impact and Test confidence, but that is it Blues Griezmann and Temple fell to the side. They are clearly low in spirits and seem to be the first pair to be connected by Koman in the second installment.

Worst start to the next 45

It took about 10 minutes after the referee’s whistle to restart, but when De Zhang Nyomi was knocked down, he should have already been out of action, and Gaidoff was given a penalty converted by Jaime Mata.

Barca fell behind in the second game

Luke de Jong scored early for Sevilla in the final round just before Philip Coutinho equalized almost immediately, which would be another test of the character of Koman’s side, which lasted just over an hour.

Anshu Pathi and Philip Coutinho were the first changes to the bar

Temple cut right, and Griezmann escaped the bull at the expense of Petrie. Let’s see what the audience’s unique cast can bring so far under the rule of the Dream Team Legend.

Fathi hit a width, and a bone was clear to Neom

Fathy, who was standing over the teenager and screaming after a brawl, had even tried a shot.

Eventually, Neom finally got into the book for a misdemeanor in Sergio Baskets.

There was little fighting in Barcelona

Struggling to build something after Mata’s goal, it seemed like they didn’t know they were down 1-0.

Another dual companion to Koman

Griezmann came out of his misery, Martin Brightwhite also delivered a rare run-out, and joined Francisco Trinco as De Jong left the stage.


With only the baskets left in the midfield, Barca had to break in here with as much attacking firepower as possible.

Kucho turned almost two

Brightwhite gave the ball deep into Getafe’s half with a misplaced pass to Trinco, resulting in Kucho almost punishing the error when Nacho hit his shot into the bar.

Then, he was clean towards the goal after running from half the line. But like Greissman from an almost identical location, he put more energy into his goal effort.

This is the fifth and final change from Ricky Puig Park

Plus since the stop time was three minutes, La Macia fruit was less likely to make an impact.

Six minutes extra time. Nothing more

Barca progressed somewhat, with DeGeneres Dagonam madly attacking his own bar for a moment, but Getoff regretted it.

Barcelona missed a golden opportunity

Real Madrid were similarly embarrassed by Cadiz, who could have been three points clear within the FCPL Classico.

Instead they lurk in ninth place, although there will be other opportunities to go to the summit.

Their unbeaten run was halted, and Koeman tasted defeat before being knocked out of the biggest tournament in club football and the Champions League group stages.

Some are tired of their international duties, and the Dutch urgently need to encourage his troops and mount them on horseback.

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