London and Essex tier two: interactive map showing Hertfordshire infection rates compared to its neighbors

London and Essex tier two: interactive map showing Hertfordshire infection rates compared to its neighbors

A new map shows how the rate of Hertfordshire’s corona virus compares with its neighbors when new regulations come into force across the country.

Both Essex and London enter into Tier 2 controls, which prohibit the mixing of interiors between houses.

However, residents of Hertfordshire will not see any changes over the weekend with the rest of the district in Tier 1.

Despite the restrictions, all businesses can remain open, and both authorities are at an early stage in the effort to prevent the imposition of stricter restrictions.

The map, using data from the Press Association, shows that the southern part of our district has seen an increase in cases that are compatible with London.

With another small increase in Cambridge – it appears that the number of cases will decrease as you move further away from London.

However, statistics in all five districts point to 100 cases per 100,000 marks, of which restrictions are considered.

The exception is Stevenage, which has the lowest infection rate in the entire region with 38.7 cases.

You can see the map below:

Hertfordshire County Council has confirmed that they are not currently asking the government to introduce any restrictions.

A spokesman said yesterday: “The government has placed Hertfordshire on one level – the middle alert – and we hope it accurately reflects the current state of the district.

“We are constantly monitoring corona virus cases in Hertfordshire. We will definitely talk to the government if the local situation changes.”

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However, the Hertfordshire Local Regiment Force (LRF) has warned that people must do their part to ensure a large increase in cases.

They say they are a ‘limited window’ to avoid going over a layer.

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