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The Trump campaign attacked NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie in a statement released after Tooling Town Hall tonight.

“Although the commission canceled a private debate that could have taken place tonight, something happened, and President Trump defeated the NBC’s Savannah Kudry as a dissident and Joe Biden’s spokesman,” said Tim Murdoch, the Trump campaign’s communications director. .

Guthrie was widely praised for Trump’s refusal to pressurize the president about his corona virus testing history and QAnon conspiracy theory.


The NHS has been in talks to release the vaccine since December



In a country with a very different corona virus response in a very different election contest:

This is called the Govt election, with the consistency of the order of the day.

But it has turned out to be the strangest general election campaign New Zealanders have ever seen, with most of the country hoping it will end and there are some similarities that are natural to start all over again in a deep extraordinary year.

After a month’s delay caused by the corona virus outbreak in Auckland, the country’s largest city, New Zealanders will finally go to the polls on Saturday.

But with millions of registered voters already voting in advance, voting day will be even shorter.

The lack of a spirited and paralyzed atmosphere has been a great success in managing Kovit and the current Jacinta Artern epidemic. For many who struggle with job losses and uncertainty, the election is an undesirable speed bump that will prevent them from returning quickly to their old lives.

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For months now, polls have shown Labor streets more than the opposition National Party, which it is now Leads by 15 points At 46%, Artern also led the election as the preferred prime minister.


U.S. cases 8 m



NBC presenter Savannah Kudri commands this Trump Town Hall, which we have rarely seen in the last four years as an appraiser or interviewer with the President.

After the scene of the first debate, when Trump made more than 100 interruptions in a certain number, it was a breath of fresh air for many viewers:

Greg Goodfeld

I’m glad Trump agreed to another debate. Didn’t realize it would be with Savannah Kudry.

October 16, 2020




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