Serial killer Dexter returns with original star Michael C. Hall

Serial killer Dexter returns with original star Michael C. Hall

Dexter corrects some mistakes! Showtime has announced that classic serial killer Avenger Dexter will return to the 10th episode, once again starring Michael C. Hall in the lead role of forensic scientist Dexter Morgan, expressing his frustration with the villains felt at night.

Dexter ran for eight seasons between 2006-2013 and was a perennial success for the channel, although although Season Eight Finals was not popular with fans, it became a lumberjack as it portrayed Dexter wandering into a self-imposed exile in the mountains.

Shoranner Clyde Phillips e! His vision for the finale of the series may have been online that Dexter should be hanged for his crimes and that “everyone who killed Dexter in the gallery”.

Of course, it would put an end to any possibility of a renaissance of the series that FX screened in the UK.

He said his return to Star Hall Variety in 2018 is not questionable. “It’s an opportunity to see how the show ended so that Dexter can be revisited,” he said. “I haven’t done it yet. For my part, I have to imagine or listen to someone else’s idea. It’s worth doing … but never say.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime Entertainment President Gary Levine said: “Dexter is a special series for its millions of fans and showtime because this breakthrough show helped put our network on the map many years ago. We will only reconsider this uniqueness if we find a creative take that truly deserves the brilliant, original series. I’m glad Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall invented it, and we can’t wait to film it and show it to the world. ”

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In its day, Dexter had a strong and enthusiastic audience.

The series was nominated for Best Television Awards: Hall had five straight lead Emmy Award nominations and won the Golden Globe for the role in 2010, while the show had three Emmy nominations and four Writers Guild Award nominations for Best Drama.

Production in Dexter’s new season is scheduled to begin early next year in the fall in 2021 for the premiere.

It is not yet clear which UK broadcaster will broadcast Dexter.

Showtime is known for reaching its back list and dusting off shows successfully. It brought back both Double Peaks: The Return and The El Word: Generation Q, although Penny was horrible: The City of Angels only lasted one season.

Find out how to revisit the first eight seasons of Dexter.

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