Gloria Stephen volunteered to raise the ‘gay flag’ for her daughter Entertainment

Gloria Stephen volunteered to raise the 'gay flag' for her daughter  Entertainment

Gloria Stephen volunteered to “carry the gay flag” for her daughter.

The 63-year-old singer has spoken to 25-year-old Emily – who spoke with her husband Emilio about her support – about how she felt when it came to her sex, even when her offspring were still uncertain.

Speaking to Emily and her daughter-in-law Lily in the next episode of ‘Red Table Talk: The Estifons’, Gloria said: “We have no clue. ‘How can we not know?’ At times it doesn’t seem like we’re skeptical.

“When I was in my bedroom, I said, ‘Uncle, are you gay? Do you want to carry the gay flag, because if you want me to ride that parade float and carry that flag?’ “

But when he asked his daughter, Emily denied her sexuality at the time.

Gloria continued: “Mom, I’m not gay,” you told me. Because this is not the word that was on your mind for who you are. “

Emotion Emily replied: “I was figuring out who I was.”

Emily came out publicly in 2017 when she shared a photo with her partner Gemini Hernandez.

Gemini marked their first anniversary in a social media post: “I do not know where you came from, but I’m glad you came here. 1, 2 to 20, and 20 for life. I love you.”

Emily later rewrote the message and wrote: “Why are words like this written about you? Let me know when I have an answer .. for now .. I’m a glowing puddle.”

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