Kristen Bell breaks down with her husband about Dox Shepherd’s recovery

Kristen Bell breaks down with her husband about Dox Shepherd's recovery

Kristen Bell has been supporting her husband, Docs Shepherd, who recently reconsidered prescription drugs after 16 years of restraint. The actress addresses her husband’s sober journey on Wednesday Ellen DeGeneres show, He said “very special” after coming forward about his rebirth.

“I see, everyone is against their own demons. Sometimes it’s anxiety and depression, sometimes it’s drug abuse,” Bell told DeGeneres, asking for help from her husband and appreciating that he could be honest about his struggles. “One of the things I like most about Doc is he) was able to tell me and tell me we need a different plan.” Now, Bell said, Shepard has a new plan to help with another similar incident in taking painkillers, which was recommended to him after a series of injuries in extreme sports. “If he has to take medication, for whatever reason, I have to manage it,” he continued. “But he said, ‘So, we need a strong plan. I was stumbling, and I need to do some kind of emotional work to find out why I wanted to use it again.'”

The Good place The star said there is no doubt that her husband can grow from this experience. “One of the main reasons I love him, he’s addicted to growth, he’s addicted to growth. And he does not want to risk this family. I did, so we’ll put new things to ensure it never happens again,” he said. “We’re going back to therapy. I want him to be addicted to growth. I will continue to stand with him because he is so valuable.”

Shepard revealed on her last month Arm chair expert Podcast After he started taking the prescribed pain medication for his wounds, he was on the seventh day of his sobriety, but slowly began to increase the dose and lie about how much he was taking. “I lie to others and I know I have to leave,” he said. “But my endurance is rising so fast, I’m in a situation right now, you know, eight 30s a day, you know, I know this is an amount that can lead to a bad withdrawal. I have. “

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