There is nothing like the bridal ‘broken hearted’ photos of the wedding dress being $ 100 from Vish

There is nothing like the bridal ‘broken hearted’ photos of the wedding dress being $ 100 from Vish

A bride was horrified after buying a 7 107 wedding dress online to find that there was nothing like the photos when it arrived.

Megan Taylor, 23, bought clothing for 7,107 (CA $ 102) through online retailer Wish, which features a lace gown with a floor length, shoulder, and heart-shaped neck design in the photos.

But Ms Taylor did not expect to find the dress she had unwrapped, and she said it did not fit her, and she climbed to her feet as she put it on.

A mother from Canada, who is planning a wedding with her fianc மனைவிe Keith, 30, shared photos of herself in a dress online, “In another episode of What We Ordered and What We Really Got. My face tells me exactly how I feel. ”

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“I was blown away by what I got,” Ms Taylor said in an interview The sun. “When I ordered it it was nothing like the photo. I was so heartbroken, but the laughter could not help me. “

After Ms Taylor tried on the dress, she immediately asked Wish for her money, but she says she refused to withdraw the money.

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“I asked for my money back,” he said. “But they told me I needed the original packaging and the box that came with it. I didn’t have it.”

But Ms Taylor continued to withdraw her money.

“I started to tell them that it ruined my wedding because I was expecting the dress in the photo,” he said. “They finally got my money back.”

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After sharing the photo, he believed that some people could “get out of it”.

The bride allegedly planned to hold her wedding when the corona virus controls were relaxed.

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