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Robbie Savage

MacLesfield Town will be re-launched as MacLesfield FC after local businessman Robert Smethurst acquires the club’s assets.

Robbie Savage will serve as football captain at the restructured club in Moss Rose.

Danny Whittaker will be the manager of the new club McKellesfield FC, which aims to compete in the North West Counties Football League next season.

“This is a very exciting opportunity to rebuild a historic football club in and around McGlesfield, and I want to make sure the football heartbeat is brought back into the local community; with a solid financial business plan and considering the fans,” Smethurst said in a statement.

“My vision in the coming months and years is to rebuild the club, pitch and stadium facilities and generate the proceeds from that to make the first investment and invest in the club as a whole.

“If we could move a new team to the Northwest District Football League next season, we would have achieved one of our main goals. In the years to come, our main goal is to progress through the league.”

McKillsfield was expelled from the National League after being injured by the High Court.

The club has been suspended from the league prior to that date and all scheduled equipment has been postponed prior to that date.

General view of Moss Rose Ground, the home of Macklesfield Town
McKeelsfield Town will be relaunched as McClusfield FC

On September 16, the Bankruptcy and Companies Court injured the club for failing to pay more than 000 500,000 in debt.

Soldiers and staff were fired following the verdict.

Savage: This is the perfect fit for me

Savage, a former Leicester City, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Wales midfielder broadcaster, says his role at McGlesfield FC is a good fit for him.

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“I was so devastated to see what happened at Macklesfield. A club steeped in history and worth more than any value of money to the locals,” he said.

“I was privileged to be asked by the new owner to play a role as football captain from the first team to the grassroots, and I was really surprised to receive the call because I did not know he would buy the club until we spoke.

“I live within a stone’s throw from the ground, I have integrated connections with the club as a local grassroots coach, a father who brings his sons here to see and a football expert who campaigns and lobbies for downstairs football clubs, their foundation sport.

“I found a love in retiring from playing and watching the kids grow, and I can’t resist the satisfaction I get from it – so the role I was asked to take seems a perfect fit for me.”

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