Chargers 20 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

Chargers 20 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

Saints To kick, Chargers Start at 15. They rush to 2 Demario Davis. 3rd and 8th. Justin Herbert 1st tries to pick up with his feet and is denied. Chargers Bunt.

Galway returns it to 47. Latavius ​​Murray rushes for 7 runs. Murray takes 4. Chargers Saints 36. A screen taps it into Camara, but he catches it at a loss. 3rd and 11. Kamara leaves the next screen. Saints Bunt.

Chargers start at 20. Chargers rush to 7. Shy Tuttle The screema stops the next rush of the line. Hebert Keenan Allen to 44. Haste for short profit. Moves Delayed Charger Chargers to Saints 20. Rush 3. Incomplete. 3rd and 7. Timeline chargers. I agree with Sean Baton. I don’t think that time is over for them. Herbert joins the flow Allen To TD. The extra point is not good. 7-0 Chargers.

Saints begin on the 22nd. Camara is rarely screaming. Murray 1. 3rd and 9. Prize to Emmanuel Sanders 1 to 37. Daisy Hill Boss dropped. Daisy Hill Decreases a pass from the breeze. 3rd and 10. Incomplete. Saints Bunt.

Reasonable capture. Chargers ball at 17. Hebert is deeply incomplete. It looked like the Saints had escaped with a PI. Illegal replacement of chargers is minimal. 3rd and 12. Removed by Herbert Tray Hendrickson. Bunt.

Returns to Galway 48. Murray 10 to Breeze. Daisy Hill Is in QB and did not take 1st place. Field goal for Will Lutz Saints First points 7-3 Chargers.

Chargers start at 25. Will fail by chargers. Loss 5. Hebert finished Hunter Henry. 3rd and 6th. Cameron Jordan And the Hendrickson team will leave the job. Chargers Bund. The personal fault of the kicker will give the chargers new drops. I do not agree with that flag. Hebert finishes another 1st in 47th place. Herbert Saints Deep Completeness 4. 1st and Goal. Hebert Mike Williams, D.T. The extra point is good. 13-3 chargers.

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Saints begin on the 25th. Breeze dirty ball due to coverage. Gets away from work. 9. Breeze for the camera for 3 and 1. Full-back Michael Burton is denied. Saints Bunt.

Reasonable c on Chargers 20.

Galway returns to midfield. The imposition of fines on saints supports it up to 14. Breeze hands over to Camara, who must have lost yards and is able to get 6 more. Breeze pass is batted. 3rd and 4. Breeze blows over the receiver, intercepting almost D.T.

Chargers 1st and Goal 1st. Shelton Rankins 9. Hebert does the socks. 4. 3rd and rush towards the goal. Hebert Henry To TD. The extra point is good. 20-3 chargers.

Saints begin on the 25th. Camara Rush 5. Prize to Penny Foller for 5. Breeze hit the ball. 2nd and 10. Breeze takes another low ball 4. Breeze is aiming for the camera, behind him, he can not push it inside. Morstead gets a workout this week.

Chargers ball 18. 2:30 to half. Chargers rush to a loss. Chargers 2. Speed ​​to 3 and 12. Hebert under pressure, incomplete. Chargers Bund.

Calway 49. Returns to 2 minute alert. 1:59 Half. The Saints want something to happen here. They get to start the second half. Penny Fowler drops a good pass from Breeze. Breeze of Camara to Chargers 36. Breeze Canal to 27. Breeze Sanders to 17. Brees to Sanders to 6. 1st and target. Breeze to Sanders. DT has been overthrown. Target and inches. Facemask on Daisy Hill Not invited. Breeze, D.T. The extra point is good. 20-10 chargers. 14 seconds for half.

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Chargers run it out to 17. Hebert takes a knee. Half the time.

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