Nottinghamshire people are told by skating officials – ‘Don’t bring the virus to the beach!’

Nottinghamshire people are told by skating officials - 'Don't bring the virus to the beach!'

As neighboring counties prepare to lock in, Skagnes officials have released a message to Nottinghamshire tourists.

Cases in Lincolnshire have risen sharply in recent months – but health employers say the county is not immediately at risk for any localized restrictions.

The same cannot be said of Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham’s weekly new Covid 19 cases are the highest in the UK – and the rate of new cases has once again risen.

The city’s weekly new Covid 19 cases are still high, now topping 750 cases per 100,000, according to the latest data released Friday.

Across Nottinghamshire, there have been sharp rises in the rates of Broxtow, Ketling and Rushcliff.

The presence of regular visitors to the beach with many in Nottinghamshire has prompted the authorities to offer advice to those observing a trip to the coastal city.

East Lindsay District Council Environmental Health Manager David Dots said Nottinghamshire Live : “We know you want to visit Lincolnshire The beach, we have a small amount of covit, we want to keep it intact.

“We’ll still be here, ready to welcome you, so do your bit and stop spreading the virus.”

As of Friday, East Lindsay’s corona virus case rate was 31.8 per 100,000, the lowest in any part of Nottinghamshire.

In the seven days from October 6 in the council area, 45 cases were confirmed.

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