Google may turn YouTube into a shopping website

Google may turn YouTube into a shopping website

YouTube already makes money from ads, YouTube premium (excluding said ads) and members for specific channels. According to a new report, the company seems to be preparing to add general shopping functionality to the list.

Bloomberg reports that it is asking YouTube creators to mark and track the products featured in their videos, which will be integrated with the analytics and shopping tools provided by Google. Google aims to sell products directly through YouTube, instead of just advertising products from other sites. A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the company was testing functionality with a few channels, but declined to share further details.

Most of this feature is based on implementation Google Shopping, Which is already tightly integrated with search. Google Shopping is an integrated store Thousands of retail stores large and smallIncluding Best Buy, Target, Costco and Overstock. However, it did not reach full dominance – Walmart exited in 2019, And some other great stores are not on the list. Deeper integration with YouTube (and the sales that come with it), however, may encourage more stores to sign up.

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