Duchess of Cornwall visits Rickmansworth

Duchess of Cornwall visits Rickmansworth

Presented by a special guest to customers at the Rickmansworth Lunch Club, it helps to shine a light on the work of the Royal Volunteer Service.

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Mill End Community Center yesterday for her part as the host of RVS, one of the largest voluntary organizations in Great Britain.

Camila cut food for an elderly client who was almost blind and did not know that her employee was a member of the royal family.

When 96-year-old Kay Francis steamed Camila, mash potatoes, carrots and peas, he was asked: “Aren’t you going to cut it?”

Volunteers tried to keep pace, but the Duchess said: “Of course I will. Glad to help. ”

“Sorry, I can’t see,” Kay replied, not knowing who was helping her.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think I can see,” Camila replied.

Lord-Lieutenant Robert Vos Duchess of Hertfordshire received at the Mill End Lunch Club, which serves hot meals and company to the elderly in the area.

Before the corona virus infection, it was open five days a week, but now it can only cater to a small number of people four days a week.

Duchess Winfield, 86, called the Duchess and said she was glad to meet him in person, after talking secretly together by phone and letter since spring.

The three-year-old mother said: “She is a beautiful, beautiful woman. She took the time to talk and write to me without anyone knowing about it.

“Locking is a very lonely time for people like me. I missed coming here. I come every day and now I only come two.

“Her letters excited me endlessly.”

While serving lunch, the Duchess joked: “I feel like one of those competitors in the MasterCup!”

Pointing to the visor she was wearing, she smiled and said: “I can not see a thing, this is all boiling!”

Camila stayed to decorate the pudding pies with cream, chocolate sprinkles and raspberries, jokingly saying: “I’m not very good at this bit.”

As his visit came to an end, the Duchess told the diners: “I tried my hand at the kitchen and it was not very successful, but I wanted to thank all the volunteers and you are doing a wonderful job.

“I am so proud to be a part of RVS and I appreciate how much you do for all these women here.

“I hope everyone gets up and volunteers.”

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