Multiview Feature Now Available on YouTube TV for iPhones and iPads Just in Time for March Madness

YouTube TV has introduced a new feature that will revolutionize the way subscribers watch their favorite programs. The multiview feature, which allows users to watch multiple programs simultaneously on smaller devices, has officially rolled out on iOS and iPadOS, with Android availability expected in the near future.

Subscribers can now enjoy watching up to four different programs at once, with a particular emphasis on sports content. However, users will not be able to handpick any four cable channels of their choice for the multiview feature.

In order to access this innovative feature, users must ensure they have updated to the latest version of the YouTube TV app. Once updated, multiview stream options can be found in the “Top Picks for You” or “Watch in multiview” rows during sports broadcasts.

For those curious to see the feature in action before trying it out for themselves, a video clip demonstrating the multiview feature can be viewed on the YTTV subreddit.

This exciting new feature is set to enhance the viewing experience for YouTube TV subscribers, offering them the convenience and flexibility to watch multiple programs simultaneously on their preferred devices. Don’t miss out on this game-changing update from YouTube TV!

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