Week 4 Song Hero: Matthew Jude

Week 4 Song Hero: Matthew Jude

The Baltimore defense played better in the fourth week, with Washington quarterback Dwayne Hoskins successfully creating a hostile environment with continued pressure and a tough win over the receivers. There were many great shows throughout the game, but there could only be one hero per week.

From what I’ve seen, there has been a lot of buzz for players like coming out of this game Mark Andrews, Marlon Humphrey, And Lamar Jackson. They all deserve all the praise they get, but Matthew Judd has had the best game of the season so far easily along the path of the Washington offensive line.

Jude, coming from a game against Chiefs In this he got only three tags and one QB hit in 56 snaps and was able to withdraw big time in only 42 snaps. Judean won 4 tackles, two sacks and five QB wins against Twain Hoskins on Sunday, taking his first job of the season. Baltimore have eliminated Hoskins only three times in the game, but Jude was able to gain consistent pressure not only in his passing game with five QB wins and two sacks, but also in the run game with two blocks to lose.

I often felt like Jude was always there, ready to do a play. Less than 60% of Baltimore defensive photos were on the Judean field, but despite that he was able to hit 14 separate plays, defending even one pass, which he rarely does.

With this Washington attacking line Judan was able to play a quietly incredible game, if this is the start of a turning point for him this season, we can expect many more games like this, the league might have to pay attention.

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