Dragonits meteor shower peaks in UK tonight as ‘Shooting Stars’ illuminate the night sky

Dragonits meteor shower peaks in UK tonight as 'Shooting Stars' illuminate the night sky

Dragonites meteor shower peaks tonight – experts say at five per hour.

A star extravaganza takes place every October, and will light up the night sky tonight.

On October 7, star-studded fans and celestial enthusiasts will get a glimpse of the gardens across the land.

Meteor showers, also known as geogopinites, are a meteor shower whose parent body is occasionally a comet 21b / kyogopini-ginner.

They are named for the Drago constellation, which seems to be where they come from.

Experts say that if you miss the peak tonight, you can catch a scene on Thursday, October 8, and you have two chances to catch the amazing event.

The time has come to experience the annual Draconite meteor shower

Every October the debris of an icy comet decomposes when it is close to the sun, giving the impression of shooting stars in the night sky as it burns when it touches our planet’s atmosphere.

It occurs at an interval of fifteen weeks, but in the middle of which are the peaks, which occur on October 7 and October 8 this year.

Usually in the early evening, experts advise you to look at the sky from night time.

NASA confirmed: “The comet orbits the sun once every 6.6 years, causing dust to form.

“Earth has met three or four in this tender this year.

“Usually the Draconite meteor shower does not deliver more than 10 to 20 meteors at its peak.

“However, meteorologists estimate that this year’s tracheonite rates will be above 600 per hour – which is 10 per minute – under optimal vision conditions.”

It adds: “Looking at devices with bright screens can negatively affect your night vision, so try to stay away from your phone as it will reduce the number of meteors you see.”

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