Brielle Fireman decides to get lip fillers again because people say she’s ‘crazy’

Brielle Fireman decides to get lip fillers again because people say she's 'crazy'

In the latest episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, the ‘Darty Be Dorty’ star also admits to being ‘ashamed’ of how her lips are used by fillers.

AceShowbiz – Earlier this year, Braille Fireman His lip fillers were completely removed and the new look was introduced. The reality TV star liked how her lips looked, but eventually she decided to go back to her beauty because some people said she was “crazy” without fillers.

Brielle opened up about it on Tuesday, October 6, episode “The” Wendy Williams Show “, in which she appeared with her mother Kim Solsiak-Bearman. Speaking to Wendy, Briel admitted, “I really liked how they were completely gone.” However, others did not think so, saying “just a little bit” [of filler], Because you’re a little crazy. ”

Brielle finally decided to get lip fillers again and the result was satisfactory. “I’m so glad they’re like that,” he said, feeling “embarrassed” by how his lips looked. “Looking back at the photos, I’m a little embarrassed, because, at some point, at some point it really should be … more.”

Aside from talking about filling her lips, Wendy also took the time to ask Braille if her breasts were natural. “They’s for sure. Thanks Mom,” Kim teased, “You’re mine, darling, so I had to buy some.”

Since the beginning of this year, Brielle has been referring to his journey as his most genuine self. Despite his decision to remove most of his impurities, he made it clear that he was not against plastic surgery because it encouraged people to improve themselves if it made them feel better. “We should not be ashamed that women wanted to help themselves. This is natural, but it should not always be the goal,” she said in an interview. People.