SpaceX wins contract to build US missile tracking satellites

SpaceX wins contract to build US missile tracking satellites

SpaceX continues to gain Who joined the U.S. Army. The private space travel organization has won a space development company Contract (Via Space News And On the edge) Development of missile warning and surveillance satellites for the Department of Defense. Under a deal of approximately $ 9,149.2 million, SpaceX could develop low-Earth orbiting vehicles with “wide-view” infrared sensors that can monitor potential threats and assist missile defense systems.

SDA Director Derek Turnier said Space News The satellites in SpaceX’s attempt were a new design, but based on the existing bus Starling broadband models. It receives the infrared sensor from an unnamed supplier.

L3 Harris won a similar deal for about 3 193.6 million. SDA hopes to launch eight satellites from both companies by the end of 2022, and plans

This is SpaceX’s first defense sector satellite deal, and it reflects the company’s expansion beyond the initial business of producing rockets for orbital missions. In addition to building Starling satellites, Starship is expanding its rocket with plans to manipulate Space Travel And Planetary missions. SpaceX may not be fully integrated into the plans of the US government, but it is more important than ever.

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