2020 Liga MX Abertora Match Recap: Club Tijuana Solos 0, Chivas de Guadalajara 0

2020 Liga MX Abertora Match Recap: Club Tijuana Solos 0, Chivas de Guadalajara 0

Neither Tijuana coach Pablo Quito nor Sivas coach Vector Manuel Vujedico are known for embracing attractive, offensive football, and nothing could change this as the match between Solos and Sivas was drawn 0-0 at the Estadio Collient. Jonathan Orosco scored his third shotout of the season, while Raul Gudino took his first place.

Shivas started the game in complete control, retaining possessions and moving at will. Jose Juan Magias had a great chance when he scored a curling shot in the second minute, but Jonathan Orosco made a good save to put the ball out. Sivas took another promising run in the seventh minute, but a central cross missed its mark and allowed Solos to win on a throw. Two minutes later Tijuana had their first chance, with Fabian Castillo taking a run on the left and hitting an amazing cut-back pass to Luis Leal, who started the first start with Tijuana. Leal’s run ended right, but a Sivas defender was able to get a touch on the net’s wide deflection shot.

Both sides appeared to be very dangerous in the fit and start, although both are prone to self-injury. Tijuana often tried the pass, and it appears that Sivas had to shoot. At 35, Castillo went on the defensive and had a great chance for Tijuana to hit the ball in front of Christian Rivera, but the shot was well saved. On the next corner kick, Edgar Lopez hit the crossbar and in the ensuing melee Laines knocked it down, but the referee ruled that goalkeeper Raul Gudino ran and did not allow the goal.

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Halfway through, the coaching staff of both teams began to push and shake each other. They will eventually split up and go to their respective locker rooms.

The second half began with a sequel to the first half, with the coaches screaming at each other. No team posed too much danger to the other until the 53rd, when Tijuana was finally able to put together a good scene that ended with Leal in Quino and took a shot and tried to make the goalkeeper nutmeg. Gudino was able to sit on the shot as he went between his legs, grabbing it with Leil’s amazement.

In 68th place Fabian Castillo had a good chance, he was able to break the onsite trap and get a header on a ball, but Gudino had a bead and was able to stop that opportunity easily. Sivas had a good chance at 72nd when Hiram Myer came up with a set piece within inches to come up with a title from Antonio Prisso. Instead of connecting the ball, however, he teamed up with Jonathan Orosco and both players spent some time on the pitch in pain, but were able to keep it moving.

Solos had a good amount in the Chivas box in the 85th minute, but a shot never worked. Then in 86th place Kevin Palanda had a shot from a distance and Gudino was forced to make a save. But neither side was able to score the winning goal, and the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Tijuana will use the international break to play a make-up match against Santos Laguna in Torreon on Sunday, October 11, and then face Nexus on Friday, October 16 at the Aguascalientes. 17.

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Club Tijuana: Jonathan Orosco; Aldo Cruz, Vector Guzman, Jordan Silva, Vladimir Lorona; Mauro Laines, Christian Rivera, Kevin Palanda, Edgar Lopez (Brian Anglo, 54 ‘); Fabian Castillo (Clifford Apogee, 79 ‘), Louis Leal (David Barbona, 79’)

Guadalajara: Raul Gudino; Christian Calderon (Miguel Bones, 87 ‘), Antonio Prisso, Hiram Myer, Jesus Sanchez; Jesus Anglo (Fernando Feltron, 66 ‘), Jose Juan Vasquez, Isaac Prisuela, Uriel Antuna (Angel Saltaver, 85’); Alexis Vega (Orip Peralta, 85 ‘), Jose Juan Maccas (Titar Villalpondo, 66’)

Score: Club Tijuana – None; Guadalajara – None

discipline: Club Tijuana – Fabian Castillo (yellow – 37 ‘); Guadalajara – None

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