The Heath Mystery of the Walking Dead may be solved in the new Spinoff

The Heath Mystery of the Walking Dead may be solved in the new Spinoff

The Walking Dead Not to forget Heath (Corey Hawkins), the Alexandrian who has been missing since the show’s seventh season. Heath went missing during a two-week scavenger hunt with Season 7 Episode 6, “Truth”, which first aired in November 2016 with Tara (Alanna Masterson). When Tara discovers the all-female OceanSite community, Heath disappears almost without a trace: Tara then finds her shattered glasses, tire tracks from the now-gone RV and an abandoned key card that reads “PPP”. Two years later, the producers confirmed that this was the cause of Heath’s mysterious disappearance from the Civic Army – the helicopter crew that hijacked Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The black-clad Civic Army, or CRM, was revealed to have links to the Jadis (Poliana McIntosh) of the Scavengers. This Junkyard-resident group trafficked people as part of an as yet unexplained classification system, where the CRM named people “A” or “B”.

Led by Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kuplek (Julia Ormond), the CRM returns to a new cycle The Walking Dead: Beyond the World, Which will categorize the secrets about the people who robbed Rick and Heath. But it is Another Spinoff in growth – Stories of walking dead, Created by the former Walking dead Shoranner Scott Kimble – This can finally solve an old mystery.

Kimble describes Stories Episodic anthology of complete zombie stories with new and existing characters, including the already dead. Kimble said in a recent interview that the stories of driving the spinoff were “something we couldn’t tell on any other show” Los Angeles Times.

“Sprinkle things we know: the characters we lost on the show and their past, looking at how they hurt in situations. [in which] They hurt, or the people they hurt [as]. There are some interesting shortcuts, “he said.” Oh, aha, it affected, “” That person affected it; We never knew it. ‘… the places or situations that affected our characters, we see how they came to be independent of our characters; With new characters. “

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Stories of walking dead A preferred landing for the Heath-centric episode or two revealing what happened to him; At the time of Season 10, Heath was missing from the universe for almost eight years.

Kimble, who served as showrunner during Season 7, promised that Heath would “be inside.” The Walking Dead Again. “

“We certainly haven’t seen Heath’s last season,” he said in 2017. Walking dead Creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman made a similar promise in 2018, saying at a conference, “We will not forget Heath, everyone will remember that role when he returns.”

Stories of walking dead Spinoff is currently in development at AMC, which is not currently rated. Follow the TWD author for everything Cameron Ponomolo on Twitter.

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