The California person is accused of stealing M 22 million in PPP loans

The California person is accused of stealing M 22 million in PPP loans

San Francisco – a California The man, who was accused of defrauding several local governments in the state five years ago, is accused of trying to steal $ 22 million from the check security program.

Richmond’s Attila Kolar, 48, goes by several aliases, including Tahud Sharif Bay, who was accused of bank fraud in a fraudulent scheme where he falsified documents to favor a federal plan to keep small businesses afloat during corona virus outbreaks. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Francisco said Friday.

Kolar faces up to 30 years in prison and a $ 1 million fine if convicted.

Can California’s policies work on a federal scale under a Biden-Harris administration?

When investigators executed a search warrant at his home in Hercules, prosecutors tried to imprison him when he was prosecuted in court for allegedly trying to destroy records related to PPP applications by snatching them from the toilet.

According to a criminal complaint, he submitted nine loan applications, including a non-profit All Hands on Tech, which he founded to provide services to those released from prison or from prison, and received $ 1.1 million from one of those applications. Prosecutors said he lied about the payroll tax documents and pretended to be paying employees more than $ 22 million, with no W2 forms to support that claim.

No loan money was spent, defense attorney Patrick Honley wrote in a movement advocating for Koller’s release.

“This is not a loss paper crime. It’s a fraud case involving allegations of misrepresentation in a loan application,” Honley wrote. “The loan income sat on the defendant’s account for more than 2 weeks before it was seized by the FBI.”

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East Bay Times reported Kolar was the head of a black Muslim temple in Auckland and a member of your black Muslim bakery, and the head of the bakery was arrested and later charged with ordering the murder of Auckland journalist Sunse Bailey.

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Koller was convicted in 2015 of submitting forged documents to win security contracts with Alameda County, the Los Angeles Water and Electricity Department and the Los Angeles City Housing Authority and was sentenced to five years in state prison.

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