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Solomon Islands, One of the few countries that existed before Covit is absent throughout this global epidemic, Is Reported its first case.

Dorothy Wickham Hon’ble reports:

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh is sad, Confirmed in a nationally aired speech that a Solomon Islands student deported from the Philippines late last month tested positive for Covid 19.

“It pains me to say that despite our joint efforts to prevent the epidemic from entering our country, we have lost our Kovit-19 free status.”

The student is in isolation, but asymptomatic. He was tested before leaving Manila – gives a negative result – but then tested positive in Hon’ble.

Sokavare said communication and testing of medical staff attending with students is now underway. All students returning on the return flight are subject to mandatory 14-day isolation. The victim student – as well as two suspected cases – have been taken to hospital isolation facilities.

Sokavare reaffirmed that there are currently no cases related to community outreach, and assured the Solomon Islands that there are no plans for any locks at this point.

“Fellow citizens, as we work to prevent the virus from reaching our shores, it is now with us. However, we are ready to identify it, isolate it, control it and eliminate it.”

Sokavare announced that all return flights of Solomon Island citizens have been suspended until further notice.

Swimming file photo of children swimming in the Solomon Islands

Photo: Edward Cavanaugh / The Guardian

The Pacific Islands have often been the worst-affected by the Covid 19 epidemic – with very low numbers – but there are fears that if the virus is caught, it could spread rapidly among people living close by, with high rates. Comorbidities, and fragile and less unsupported public health systems.

While the virus has so far been largely under control, Pacific economies, especially those relying on tourism, have been devastated by the epidemic. The economy of Fiji, one of the largest Melanesian countries, is expected to shrink by more than 20% this year.

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