NS & I Premium Bonds urge customers to take action on changes Personal Loans |  Finance

NS & I Premium Bonds urge customers to take action on changes Personal Loans | Finance

With the new month rolling in, the October 2020 Premium Bonds Prize Draw results have now been released. This month, a man from Kent and a woman from Humphreys will each have to pay $ 1 million to the jackpot.

This is part of his 50,000 holdings and he bought the particular winning band in June 2014.

This win makes him the third Premium Bonds Millionaire from Humpside.

In the October 2020 prize draw, a total of 3,921,323 prizes worth 2,112,084,475 are to be awarded.

For this draw, 96,072,406,201 bond numbers qualified.

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Announcing the details of the winners this week, NS & I also issued a warning.

This comes after the government-backed savings provider announced last month that it would start using gift warrants from December 2020.

The move comes as the February 2021 Premium Bonds Prize Draw is the last time gift warrants have been issued by NS&I – some may be affected by the change that has taken place before.

NS & N has confirmed that premium securities gift warrants will not be shipped from March 2021.

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Instead, customers can pay any prizes they win directly into their bank account or reinvest in premium bonds up to a maximum of £ 50,000 per person.

NS&N has warned that action must be taken to ensure that customers who currently receive any gifts they may receive through gift warrants can receive them automatically.

Those in this position are required to provide their bank and contact details to NS &.

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Customers who have already registered with NS & I’s online service and have an email address or mobile phone number can do so easily by visiting the website, clicking “Sign In” and selecting “Your Gift Options” by going to “Your Profile”.

Those who are not currently registered to manage their account online can do so via the website.

Jill Waters, Retail Director, NS & I, said: “We will gradually eliminate the use of gift warrants from the December 2020 premium bonds draw.

“We understand that there is genuine affection in receiving prizes by mail, and paying prizes directly to customers’ bank accounts means that winners can receive prizes quickly, easily and safely.

“We will continue to announce prize wins, but this can be via email or SMS, or winners can choose to be notified by an Alexa-powered device.

“Part of the lasting magic of premium bonds is that you are thrilled to find out who won a prize, which will not change, because I hope this month’s lucky jackpot winners will testify in Kent and Humpside.

“Congratulations to both of you who won this life-changing money.”

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