The first woman’s ‘uncomfortable’ moment with Donald

The first woman's 'uncomfortable' moment with Donald

All eyes were on Melania Trump as she walked the podium at the end of the US presidential debate.

The First lady With her flawless outfit on social media, she teamed up with the eye-catching 50 4050 price tag on the Dolce & Gabbana outfit and the $ 995 high Christian Lubbo Tin Heels.

But when is the moment when everyone is talking Mrs. Trump Went to greet husband.

The pair did not embrace Mr. Trump He did not see his wife as he approached.

Meanwhile the presidential candidate Joe Biden His wife Jill embraced him with a warmth.

Viewers on social media said Trump was “uncomfortable and awkward.”

“Did anyone else notice the ‘coolness’ in the way Melania Trump embraced her husband? Jill Biden greeted her husband? There was no love, she was standing there with a fake smile. So scary,” one wrote.

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Others praised Ms Trump’s appearance, saying she was “polished and structured” in her power suit.

When Dr. Biden attended a fundraising event with her husband in New York City in October 2017, she first chose a dress that was broken.

The two wore masks to the event, but Ms Trump took her to greet her husband.

The first lady was joined by her adopted daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, Laura, the wife of Eric Trump Jr., and Kimberly Gilfoyle, Dan Jr.’s longtime partner.

The group was filmed together before the event, and Ivanka also shared a selfie with her stepmother on Twitter.

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Ivanka wore a stunning cream pantyhose worth $ 6300 by Gabriela Hearst, accompanied by a precious Chanel handbag.

On Sunday, Dr. Biden told CNN that her 77-year-old husband was ready to confront the 74-year-old Mr Trump in the opening debate.

“I’m excited when the American people see Joe Biden on stage, they ‘re going to see what a president looks like,” he said.

“Someone who is calm, stable, strong, resilient.”

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