LA police ‘ambush’: Dion Lee Murray charged with attempted murder

LA police 'ambush': Dion Lee Murray charged with attempted murder

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Media headlinePolice described a video of the incident showing a man approaching officers’ car before the shooting

Investigators in Los Angeles have charged a man with attempting to kill two police officers who were shot while sitting in a patrol car.

Prosecutors said 36-year-old Dionte Lee Murray was already in custody on unrelated carjacking charges.

Appearing in court on Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges in both cases, AB News reported.

A widely shared video of the shooting showed police approaching the car and firing.

Officers were seriously injured, but they were later released from the hospital.

Scenes of the September 12 attacks have been described as ambush by police, which has sparked a national outcry, with two candidates in the presidential race, President Donald Trump and his Democrat challenger Joe Biden – calling for harsh treatment of the culprit.

In a statement, the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office charged Dionte Lee Murray with two counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm. The statement said he had been in custody since his arrest on Sept. 15 on charges of carjacking.

Following his appearance in court on Wednesday, Mr Murray was jailed on $ 6.15 million ($ 7 4.7 million) and is due to appear in court again in November.

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The injured were taken into police custody at the hospital where officers were taken

Prosecutors have not suggested a possible motive for the shooting of officers in Compton, a Los Angeles suburb.

They were not named, but they were described as 31-year-old female and 24-year-old male.

The female officer was shot in the jaw and arms, while the male officer was shot in the forehead, one arm and one arm.

It was later revealed that despite her injuries, the female spouse assisted her partner in the defense and used a tourniquet in his injured hand.

Both candidates strongly condemned the attack at the time, as law and order is a major issue in next month’s presidential election.

President Donald Trump shared footage of the incident and tweeted: “Animals to be severely beaten.”

Mr Biden, meanwhile, said the “cold” shooting was “worrying” and that “the culprit must be brought to justice.”

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