KuCoin Hacker moves $ 4.5 million stolen XRP

KuCoin Hacker moves $ 4.5 million stolen XRP

The latest causal hacker Crypto Exchange Attack on Cuckoo $ 4.5 million was stolen from XRP tokens stolen in a single transaction today, according to a Twitter botwall alert that tracks significant crypto transfers.

A total of 18.49 million XRPs, currently worth $ 4,500,000, fell today.

After reaching their goal, the tokens were divided into two parts, 1.35 million XRP (3,333,000) and 7.14 million XRP (2 4.2 million), respectively, and sent to two different crypto wallets.

Prior to this large transaction, the hacker led to relatively small transactions in various cryptocurrencies. In the last six hours alone, 12 more transfers have been made from the “Cuckoo’s Hack 2020” address, ranging from 000 11,000 million to 1.5 million stolen assets.

In conjunction with the XRP transaction, the hacker today moved a total of 96 9.96 million cryptocurrencies.

As Decrypt Cryptocurrency exchange Cuckoo was reported hacked on September 25th. At the time, the platform said, “Bitcoin, ERC-20 and other tokens in Cuco’s hot wallet were removed from the exchange.”Worth about 200 million In bulk.

After the hack, various blockchain projects were implemented quickly Two-thirds of the stolen property was frozenAt least or so they say. But many funds are still slipping through the cracks.

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