Is Tracy Ellis Rose Really Dating Harry Styles?

Is Tracy Ellis Rose Really Dating Harry Styles?

Tracy Ellis Rose He is known for keeping his romantic relationships private, but over the weekend, fans began to speculate about someone potential in his life. The Black-ish The actress became popular on Twitter on Monday following reports that she was dating a former One Direction singer. Harry Styles.

The rumors came after a source said the couple had seen each other outside for dinner together.

“More Harry Styles tea,” said D.M. “It was Ap[l]Laurel Canyon sat next to Ace Harry Styles and Tracy Ellis Rose. ”

“They were definitely on a date and their convoy was very thirsty,” the source continued. “It may have been 6/8 months ago.”

The person who sent them the message said, “What are they saying?” The source replied, “They are asking each other, they are asking where they went, if they want to go to the bathroom together (based on the buck).”

They say they could not hear answers from either side to the above question, but said “they were definitely on / on a date”.

This may seem like a completely random connection to a lot of people – especially when Tracy Ellis Rose is 47, Harry Styles is over 20 and her youngest is 26 – both really have a history.

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Back in December 2019, Rose hosted a chapter for the guest Late Late Show with James Gordon, In which he interviewed both of them Kendall Jenner And, you guessed it, Harry Styles. Tracy revealed to the audience that this is not their first meeting since they introduced each other through Instagram.

“You know, DM,” Rose said on the show. “Harry started liking my pictures. ‘Who are these Harry Styles?’ Then I started commenting on your pictures. I said, ‘When is he going to perform in LA?’ You say, ‘This weekend. Do you want to come? ‘I said,’ Sir I do. ‘

Styles confirmed that Tracy went to her show that weekend, but gave no indication that they were both in love with each other. Rose said he was simply looking for a musician because he was “interested in his songs.”

Since these rumors of a relationship came out over the weekend, neither party has confirmed or denied the reports.

In 2017, Rose explained to ABC News why she is so low about her dating career.

“I was born into a very general family, so I got a relationship with the important ones myself … [and] What a sacred thing in my life, “he said then.” I did not make a decision [that] ‘I will never talk about my relationships’ or anything like that. It was certainly not a decision I made or anything like that, but some things sacred to me were not for public consumption. They are mine. “

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Tracy has not disclosed any of her affiliations with the music executive since she merged. Apo ‘Pu’ Thiam From 2011 to 2013. Earlier this year there were rumors that she was also dating Black-ish Creator Kenya Paris Earlier this year.

As for Harry Styles, he is paired with Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, And Deleting Kara, Among others.

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