Charlotte Doubleheader: Live stream results, round, start time

Charlotte Doubleheader: Live stream results, round, start time


  • Daniel Roman UT-12 Juan Carlos Biano (116-112, 116-112, 116-112)
  • German Charlo UT-12 Sergei Terevyanchenko (116-112, 117-111, 118-110) [Recap]
  • Brandon Fikurova DKO-10 Damien Vasquez (1:18) [Recap]
  • John Reel Casimero DKO-3 Duke Micah (0:54) [Recap]

Round by round

German Charlo Vs Sergei Terevyanchenko

Round 1: Terevyanchenko finds a couple of times in the center ring, and Charlotte throws the first jab that is short. Charlotte jabs again but it doesn’t land clean. Third time glamor for Charlow with Jab. The next jab drops when Terevyanchenko pulls back. Charlo Jobs to body this time. The left hook for the body makes some contact with Terevyanchenko. Charlotte comes back with several jabs and interacts with a couple. Left-handed lands to Terevyanchenko during a transfer. The upper right hand did not land neatly on Terevyanchenko. Charlotte Jabs to the body. Charlotte tried a couple of times but could not find the distance. The double jab lands well for Charlo, and Terevyanchenko returns with the right hand. I think Charlotte is the best box in this round. Charlotte 10-9.

Round 2: Charlotte Jabs and it was partly blocked by Terevyanchenko. Now both fighters are trading jabs. Charlotte is very much in tune with his job so far, and has pumped it up a few times. The right hand from Terevyanchenko makes a small contact upstairs. The left hand from Charlotte supports Terevyancheno. Terevyanchenko missed the left hook at close range. The right arm and left hook Charlo descends well upstairs. In response Terevyanchenko lands the right hand. Jab lands clean for Terevyanchenko. The right hand descends to the body for Terevyanchenko. Two war trade jabs upstairs. Charlotte stalks into the body hours before the shot. Charlotte 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Derivianchenko lands with Finds and Charlo Jabs and the one that follows it. Charlotte is very active in her job and that made a difference to me at the beginning of this fight. Terevyanchenko missed the hooks, and Charlo returns with a straight shot. Jab lands clean for Charlow. Miss Czech Hook to Charlotte looking for a start with that sponge. Left hook lands to Charlo this time upstairs. The double jab comes from Charlotte. The next jab lands on Charlotte, who throws a short mix. Terevyanchenko throws a hook at the body. Both fighters trade jabs and lands. The right hand makes some contact with Charlotte as Terevyanchenko tries to get inside. The right hand from Charlo makes Terevyanchenko stumble on the wrist, but Terevyanchenko does not go down! Charlotte 10-9.

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Round 4: Jab goes down to Dervyanchenko to start the round. Now Terevyanchenko goes downstairs with a nice right hand. Charlotte tries a big right not to land clean. The right arm and upward make contact with Charlo. The left hook lands on the Charlo Stairs. Two body shots descend inside Charlo. Charlotte tries a lead left hook, but it is blocked. Now Charlotte lands a clean left hook on the head, then tries to follow it, but Terevyanchenko goes out of bounds. The right hand lands opposite to Charlo, who is sharp with his reflexes. To the right of the body lands to Charlo, Dervyanchenko descends to a left. Terevchenko missed two punches upstairs, but descended to third. Charlo comes back and tries some punches of his own, but nothing lands clean. Charlotte goes down to the body, but misses a big overhead. Charlotte 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Terevyanchenko is trying two jobs that are not in range. Jab communicates with Charlo. Terevianceno jabs to the body. The right hook to the body descends to Charlo. The double left hand this time comes from Charlotte. Charlotte makes good use of her achievable advantage as she lands another jab upstairs. Derevyanchenko landed two shots, but he could not pursue any consistent offense. Jab and right hand make a small contact to Charlo. Terevyanchenko is now cut around his right eye after a clean left hook. Charlotte clears the ropes as Terevyanchenko tries to squeeze a little more after tapping his cut eye. Left-hand lands to Terevyanchenko. Charlotte 10-9.

Round 6: Terevyanchenko tries to work Charlo’s body with a compound to start the round. Terevyanchenko misses the right arm to the body. Right-handed for the body lands for Charlow, Terevyanchenko descends a left hook upstairs. Terevyanchenko tries to put more pressure and throws both of them down the body. Jab lands on Charlotte. Jab lands back to Charlotte. Terevyanchenko leads the right hand. Left-hand lands for Terevyanchenko, but he picks up a counter. The right hook is somewhat down the stairs to Terevyanchenko. Both fighters are trading shots inside. Terevyanchenko throws some more at the bell. It’s a close round, but I’m fringing this to Terevyanchenko. Terevyanchenko 10-9, 55-59.

Round 7: Jab Dervyanchenko of Charlotte pushes back a moment. Terevyanchenko tries three punches, but does not land them clean. Charlotte warned about hitting the back of the head inside. Charlo presses forward and lands a clean sharp one upstairs. Jab lands for Charlo and Terevyanchenko throwing a mixture in return, but most of it is unrelated. The left hook lands on Terevyanchenko with Charlotte on the ropes. Charlotte Jabs to the body. Counter Hook was clean from the Charlo lands and Terevyanchenko was wounded by that shot. Charlotte feels it, but can’t use it this time. Double Jab and Terevyanchenko look back at both sides of his face from the Charlo lands. Charlotte 10-9.

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Round 8: Charlotte Double Jobs but could not find the target. Terevyanchenko loses his own jab and follow-up mix. Opposite right hand lands clean for Charlow and backup Terevyanchenko. Hook missed out on Dervyanchenko. Makes right overhead grazing contact from Charlo. Terevyanchenko tries to work the body inside and Charlo holds on for a while. The hook lands on the right for Charlo, a left hook lands on Terevyanchenko’s body. The left hook descends the stairs to Terevyanchenko. Jab lands on Charlotte. Jab from Charlotte gets the scores again. The hard right hand from Charlotte pushes Terevyanchenko back into the ropes. Charlotte tries to jump on him, but the bell rings. Charlotte 10-9.

Round 9: Terevyanchenko did not take the lead with a few punches. Jab goes downstairs to Charlotte. Charlo lands the double lead right hand. Two lands for one to Charlotte are clean. The right hand descends back to Charlo, I do not know if Terevyanchenko can see it well from his left eye. Jab lands back to Charlotte. Ubercut goes down well for Charlo and Dervyanchenko. Now a left overhead descends on Charlotte. Double left hook from Terevyanchenko Miss, Charlo counters and lands. Charlotte 10-9.

Round 10: Charlotte seemed to be ready to accelerate it and look for a stop as Terevyanchenko was fading a little. The referee calls a deadline to examine Terevyanchenko’s eye – he’s good to go. The right hand makes contact with Charlo, and Terevyanchenko returns with the compound that makes the contact. Charlotte loses a right hand upstairs. Terevyanchenko lands a right hand at a close distance and then on the left hook. Lands for Body Shot Terevyanchenko. Terevyanchenko throws a right-handed fly and enters and throws the compound, making some more contact. Clean jab lands up Charlotte. Left hook from Terevyanchenko lands. Terevyanchenko 10-9, 92-98.

Round 11: Charlotte loses a right hand upstairs. Terevchenko drops to the right of a lead. Check out Charlotte Jabs and a check hook opportunity. Jab is from Charlotte. The left hook lands to Charlow in the center ring. Jab Dervyanchenko of Charlotte broke his head back. This time Jab goes downstairs to Terevyanchenko. Charlie’s left hook enters as Terevchenko tilts. Charlotte 10-9.

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Round 12: Terevyanchenko presses forward against the back of a jab. The right hook descends to Charlotte’s body. The right overhead lets contact Charlotte as a counter. Charlotte Double Jobs but did not land. The check hook area from Charlotte is in contact. Cleaning Charlo Jobs and Lawn. Terevchenko goes down a left hook and throws a punch, but Charlo rolls most of the shots. Uppercut lands to Charlotte. Terevyanchenko throws a fury, but he does not land most of these shots. Charlo counters a couple of goodies landing in Derivianchenko with an overhead. Terevyanchenko landed a pair of shots at the end of the round. I still think Charlotte was in control. I scored for Charlotte for a beautiful victory of 118-110.

At 7pm tonight on Showtime Pay-Per-View ET, the Charlotte duo, German and Jermal, return to action in separate matches, co-title of a Premier Boxing Champions event from Connecticut.

Updates on the bad left hook live results will be fight by battle, and here will be round-the-clock updates for two Charlotte boats. Will Esco will be on the round call for those fights.

Here are some links to our previews and predictions to fully capture you:

The card is structured with three fights from 7pm ET led by Jermal Charlow’s WBC Middleweight title defense against Chermy Dervyanchenko. After Charlo-Terevyanchenko, there will be a half-hour break to believe that you get two cards for the price of one card. There will be three more fights led by Jermel Charlo vs Jason Rosario in the junior middleweight combination, with the WBC, WBA and IBF belts at risk.

The rest of the cover features three more World Title Fights, a Kinda World Title Fight and a World Title Eliminator.

How To Watch Charlo Doubleheader BPV

Date: September 26 Sat. | Start time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Mohegan Sun, Ancosville, C.D.
TV: Showtime BPV | Stream:
Price: $ 74.99

Full Card (SHO PPV, 7:00 pm ET)

  • German Charlotte (33-1, 17C) vs Jason Rosario (20-1-1, 14C), Junior Middleweights, 12 rounds
  • Louis Nerry (30-0, 24CO) vs Aaron Alameda (25-0, 13KO), Jr. Featherweights, 12 rounds
  • Daniel Roman (27-3-1, 10C) vs Juan Carlos Biano (21-3, 9C), Jr. Featherweights, 12 rounds
  • Jermaine Charlo (30-0, 22g) vs Sergei Terevyanchenko (13-2, 10g), Middleweights, 12 rounds
  • Brandon Figueroa (20-0-1, 15C) vs Damien Vasquez (15-1-1, 8C), Jr. Featherweights, 12 rounds
  • John Reel Casimero (29-4, 20 Go) vs Duke Micah (24-0, 19 Go), Phantomweets, 12 rounds

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