Corona virus: Shoppers lose 100 million on expired vouchers on locks – which?

Corona virus: Shoppers lose 100 million on expired vouchers on locks - which?

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The stores were closed for about three months before reopening in June

UK shoppers may have lost a total of nearly m 100 million in unused vouchers during the Corona virus lockout, which consumer group? Estimated.

In a study of 2,000 adults, a quarter recommended having a voucher.

Many retailers contacted customers and offered to extend them – but one-third of those with expired vouchers did not receive the extension and lost money.

Which? Individuals who could not use their vouchers were asked to contact the store.

It also warned of the risks of buying new vouchers as some popular retailers have recently collapsed – and said corona virus controls make it harder to afford them.

As part of the government’s locking regulations to deal with the epidemic, non-essential shops and businesses were closed for several months in March.

Many stores automatically extend the time customers can spend their vouchers – as well as extend their return times.

Stores eventually reopened throughout June (first in Northern Ireland, then England, Wales and later Scotland) Some long queues outside the shops.

‘Contact Company’

In its study conducted in August, which? Nearly half of those with expired vouchers were found to have been automatically extended.

One in seven – or 15% – with a voucher had to ask for an extension, what does a customer say? One company told them “hard luck, basically”.

But 36% – this equates to 3.1 million people, according to which? – Do not get extension on their shopping vouchers.

Which? Unsold vouchers average. 31.70 worth, which means about $ 98 million could have been lost across the UK.

The Consumer Group advised anyone with an expired voucher during the lockout to contact the retailer.

“If you have a voucher and can’t use it, it’s worth contacting the company,” said Adam French, a consumer rights expert.

“Anyone considering buying a voucher should be aware of the risks, as some popular retailers have collapsed in recent months, and corona virus controls make it harder to spend on vouchers and gift cards.”

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