Seoul says South Korean troops killed South Korea before it set fire to the body

Seoul says South Korean troops killed South Korea before it set fire to the body

Seoul reports that a South Korean fisheries officer who went missing this week was interrogated on a North Korean patrol boat and shot dead by troops, who then poured oil on his body and set it on fire.

Sources said the man was trying to head north when the South Korean military said he went missing from a fishing boat on Monday (local time).

The incident is said to have taken place about 10 kilometers south of the Line of Control (NLL), which does not deny military control, which serves as the true maritime border between North and South Korea.

The exact cause of the 47-year-old officer’s death is unknown, but the South Korean military says North Korean troops may have been operating under anti-Corona orders.

Citing intelligence sources, the unidentified man appears to have been interrogated on a North Korean boat before being hanged “on the orders of a higher authority.”

The South Korean military says troops in gas masks then poured oil on the body and set it on fire.

“Our military strongly condemns such atrocities and urges North Korea to provide explanations and punish those responsible,” General Ahn Young-ho, who is in charge of the joint leaders’ actions, told a news conference.

The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Baghdad.

In July, someone left South Korea three years ago A corona virus triggered fear when it crossed the heavily monitored border into North Korea, Which states that there are no cases of the disease.

His visit prompted North Korean officials to lock down a border town and isolate thousands of people for fear he might have contracted the corona virus, but the World Health Organization later said his test results were endless.

Last week, South Korean police arrested a suspect who allegedly tried to enter a military training base in the South Korean border town of Siorwon and return to North Korea.


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