Hungary welcomes 20,000 fans to the UEFA Super Cup amid growing fears of a corona virus

In the age of the corona virus, the sight of 20,000 fans in the Puskas arena will be captured Bayern Munich And Sevilla, Last season’s Champions League and Europa League winners meet at the Puskas Arena in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.
Europe is facing a second wave of Covid 19 infections, raising fears of an increase in cases.
“I have a stomach ache when it comes to the Super Cup,” said Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Soder Said this week.
Soder warned against turning the game into “Football-Ishq” – this is a note The Austrian ski resort that contributed to the viral disease has spread across Europe – and his concerns were echoed by Bayern executive Carl-Haynes Romanic.
“I think everyone’s stomachs are getting blunt,” Romanike said ZDF.
Puskas Arena hosts the Super Cup match between Bayern Munich and Sevilla.

Pilot event

UEFA sees the event as a pilot to bring fans back to the arenas. Visitors must be bound to a social distance of one and a half meters, wear masks, and undergo a body temperature test upon entering.

Bayern insisted on his website that fans returning from Hungary to the club-based state of Bavaria would have to be isolated for 14 days.

For clubs returning from Budapest, the club also offers a free corona virus test at its own venue, the Alliance Stadium car park.

Sevilla and Bayern each set aside 3,000 tickets, with the rest to be picked up by locals as Hungary hosts the final of a major European football tournament for the first time.

Sevilla players train before the game on Thursday.

Hungary’s National Ambulance Service announced that 500 emergency service personnel had been called to the game on Thursday, and tickets would go on sale within 21 hours.

According to Reuters, Hungarian epidemiologist Andras Sicilek called the decision to call health workers “absurd”, saying, “Everyone in the health sector will soon be acting on the Govt cases … This is a sensible-good story, but I do not think it should be allowed.”

When CNN contacted UEFA about safety concerns at the Super Cup, it pointed to earlier announcements about the health and safety measures to be implemented in the stadium.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Hungarian Football Association noted that the sport would be less dangerous than indoor events and safer than street crowds.

“Thanks to strict precautions, the Puskas Stadium will be safer than anywhere else in the country or the whole of Europe during the tournament,” it said.

Bayern Munich players arrive in Budapest after the win against Schalke.

The match comes in the same week that the UK government postponed plans to allow fans back to the stadium amid epidemics for a second week.

Although the team that last lost in February is in good form, Sevilla have yet to receive their La Liga campaign this season. Bayern, meanwhile, beat Schalke 8-0 in their domestic season.

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