ISS excluded an ‘unknown space debris’

ISS excluded an 'unknown space debris'

Unknown space debris was discovered near NASA’s International Space Station Said yesterday. The station carried out an “avoidance maneuver” to get out of the way of debris Tuesday night, elevating its orbit around the Earth. “The crew is not in any danger at any time.” NASA wrote in a blog Mail.

Motivation on an unloaded progress cargo ship According to NASA, the connection to the station was used to increase the station’s orbit. During the maneuver, the astronauts at the station went to the Russian division so that they would be closer to the Soyuz passenger spacecraft. After the 150-second maneuver was over, the crew returned to their normal activities.

It is not yet clear what the space debris is, but NASA says flight controllers in Houston are monitoring the object with the help of the U.S. space command. At one point, it was expected to come within 1.39 kilometers (0.86 miles) of the station.

ISS Previously small space was hit by debris. It is successfully guided by the most dangerous space debris. In 2015, The station adjusted its orbit Avoid a part of the Minotour rocket that was launched two years ago. Later, they also used the propulsion of an attached progress spacecraft to elevate the station’s orbit.

The space debris problem has become more serious over time. On Twitter, NASA President Jim Friedenstein exclaimed, “Trash is getting worse!” He also noted that the space station has moved three times in 2020 to avoid debris.

As a place Becomes more crowded, With many giant satellite galaxies, NASA continues to worry about space debris Disorder in low Earth orbit. As yesterday’s close call showed, where is the future Space debris can be fixed (Or Trapped) Can’t come soon.

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