Epic will give you a $ 10 loan to play Rocket League for free

Epic will give you a $ 10 loan to play Rocket League for free

Rocket League Goes free to play today, and Epic will give you $ 10 to spend at the Epic Game Store Free game if you restore. You can catch the deal between now and October 23 at 11AM ET. The coupon expires on November 1 at 3PM ET.

The company did not say why they are doing this ad, but it is trying to dissuade PC gamers from steaming, convincing them to switch to the epic game store instead. Rocket League Is now listed from Steam, but you can still run your copy there, and that version will receive “full support for future updates and features” such as cross-stage play.

Of course, this is not the first time Epic Games has tried to encourage people to use its site to play PC games. Epic Games also offers at least one free game each week. One of the biggest payouts is the free copy Grand Theft Auto Vs., And the urgency with which it was demanded caused hours of inactivity.

The company is also aware of MyTime-exclusive deals for some PC games, first introducing them to the epic game store. Metro exit And External worlds. The latter is not yet published on Wolverine Digital Storefront, Where it is still listed Coming in “2020”.

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