Cardi B and his sister sue for defamation after calling Trump supporters ‘racists’

Cardi B and his sister sue for defamation after calling Trump supporters 'racists'

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ woman and her sister Hennessy Carolina are facing defamation charges after accusing ‘Maga supporters’ of racism following a fight in a parking lot.

AceShowbiz – Rapper Cardi b In a revised video shared on his social media pages, he has a legal battle in his hands after calling a group of Long Island beach travelers “racist Maga supporters.”

Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, And his girlfriend, model Michael Diaz, Smith got into a heated argument with the group on September 6 (20) about a parking lot at Point Beach.

One of those involved in the debate was wearing a red ‘Mac America Great Again’ hat during the debate, and when taken to social media, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker said, “Not only did you get racist Max supporters (sic), racist police firing and killing black men.” They all think that their leader can do that. ”

“My sister could not even park her car today. This man is harassing his girlfriend as soon as the camera cane is out. They started to be sweet. TGIS BRAVENESS IS COMING FROM THE LEADERS ENERGY. (Sic)”

In the case, which names Carolina and Diaz as defendants, ABC7 New York reported that the two seafarers accused them of harassing them – and then defamed them by posting an edited video and commentary on the argument on social media.

“These quiet Suffolk County residents were enjoying a quiet Sunday at Smith Point Beach with their families when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, attacking, slandering, threatening, videotaping them all the time. They wore the hat, “explained plaintiffs’ attorney, John Ray.

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“Then Hennessy, Cardi B and celebrity model Michael Diaz edited the videotape and released the edited version for public viewing on social media, all over the world, and labeled these residents and their families as malicious. ‘And racist,” Ray said.

In the audio recording of the fight, Hennessy said that two men told him and his girlfriend to “go to your F ** king country”. The men targeted them because they “saw us stopping here, we speak Spanish, we mixed,” he added.

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