The second lock: What restrictions can be expected prior to the announcement of Nicola Sturgeon

The second lock: What restrictions can be expected prior to the announcement of Nicola Sturgeon

The First Minister pointed out that more corona virus controls are needed to deal with the increasing number of cases across the country.

Speaking at today’s government conference, Nicola Sturgeon said the introduction of additional locking measures is almost certain – but discussions surrounding the exact nature of the measures are still ongoing.

Ms Sturgeon has now tweeted that she will make an announcement in the Scottish Parliament tomorrow afternoon.

But what restrictions can be enforced?

Home meetings

Although the new locking measures have not yet been identified by the first minister, he said housing in areas most at risk for the spread of Covid 19 would include housing.

Currently, the ‘Rule of Six’ is in force across the country, meaning meetings should be limited to six people from two houses.

In Greater Glasgow and some parts of the country, including Glide and Lanarkshire, there are already strict restrictions on home visits.


Earlier today Ms Sturgeon noted that the hospitality sector is also at great risk for the spread of Covid 19.

The First Minister had earlier said that he had not ruled out the possibility of a pub curfew – as it had been introduced in some parts of the UK and Belgium – and that it would be “considered.”

However, with the local lockout in Aberdeen in August, hotels and restaurants went into effect immediately.

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Travel restrictions

The first ‘local lock’ in the country imposed a five-mile travel limit in Aberdeen, similar to the initial lock-in period beginning in March.

Residents of the Aberdeen area are not allowed to travel more than five miles for leisure purposes.

What else might change?

Nicola Sturgeon said today that she and her advisers were “immersed in discussion and analysis over the weekend, looking at a variety of options.”

Whether these options will affect entertainment venues such as bingo halls and cinemas, personal retail services such as hairdressers and beauticians, or potential restrictions on hospital and care home visits is yet to be announced.

The First Minister had earlier said that keeping children in education was a priority.

Speaking to Prime Minister Boris Johnson today and attending a COBRA meeting tomorrow morning, M.S. Sturgeon is due to issue a statement to the Scottish Parliament tomorrow.

Nicola Sturgeon said today that the Scots should be ready to live “completely normally” for the next six months or more, but that the proposed restrictions could be reconsidered and relaxed again.

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