The Bedfred Cup is easy to win in the Dundee United Precinct

Nicki Clarke and Cammy Smith both scored doubles as Dundee United won the 6-2 Bedfred Cup in the French.

Additional goals from Ian Hurks and Kalam Butcher on both sides of the break were on United’s easy street, but the home side quickly pulled home two goals through Kieran Inglis and Rory Curie.

Smith was caught in the hour mark to give United a mattress, and all three points were scored again on stopping time on the way back to Donets.

The former Rangers man found the top corner three minutes later after Clarke stopped a Herkes attempt in the 15th minute.

Matthew Todd hit a post for Brechin, but before avoiding an attempt, Butcher ran home 25-0 with five minutes to go three minutes earlier.

American midfielder Hargus finished clean in the second half with two minutes from 18 yards, but Brechin hit twice in three minutes.

Former United player Inglis netted from that spot, with Rory Curie changing the color of the game by changing the low cross section in the back post.

However, Smith produced a smart finish on the hourly sign as an alternative to ease any nerves from Mickey Mellon’s side.

The former Aberdeen and St Mirren player found the bottom corner within extra time to cover the victory from a depth of 18 yards.

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